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Blood Gate: Age of Alchemy Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

When Do I Get to Unlock New Heroes?

Your second hero is unlocked during the second level of the Lower Toskyr map “The Bleakwood’. The third hero is unlocked after completing the level ‘colony of the damned’ which is the 18th level of the Lower Toskyr map.

How Do I Equip Items/Spells?

Once in the ‘Equip’ menu option, you will be able to view your heroes and all their available armor and spell slots.

Clicking on the piece of armor or spell will enable you to see all the items of that kind.On the top left hand corner you will see the class requirement of the item.

If you have new items, a badge will appear on the item slot.

What Are Substances and Elixirs?

Substances are used in ‘Crafting’ when upgrading items or spells. Each item/spell upgrade requires a different combination of substances as well as a gold payment. Substances can be acquired as dungeon rewards, salvaging or  as a reward from the secret item box.

Elixirs are potions which grant certain benefits when used in dungeons. Elixirs can be acquired as dungeon rewards, secret item box rewards or purchased in an emerald bundle. After equipping your elixirs upon entering a dungeon, one of each type may be used at any point in the dungeon for an added advantage, which may be especially helpful for hard mode!

How Does Crafting Work? (Upgrading and Salvaging)

Crafting has two components, upgrading and salvaging.

Upgrading means that you can upgrade spells without upgrade points and also upgrade your weapons and armor, for a fee of course! Upgrading improves the damage of weapons and spells as well as increasing the armor rating and stats of armor pieces. Each item/spell upgrade has a specific requirement of substances and a gold fee. For more information on stats, please see Item, Weapon and Spell Statistics.

Salvaging turns your unused items into substances to use in upgrading your more important items! Salvaging also costs a small gold fee.

How Should I Use Upgrade & Unlock points?

When leveling up, you are either rewarded an upgrade point or an unlock point. Unlock points are used to unlock new spells and upgrade points are used to improve the damage/benefits of existing spells!

What Does the Rating Level of Weapons and Armor Represent?

The rating level of weapons and armor can be found on the bottom left corner of the item image and also in the item description. These levels indicate the how the stats of an item compare to other items in the game of the same slot and class requirement. Basically, these levels represent how good an item is!

What are the Advantages of Playing Hard Mode?

Hard mode is the same dungeon, but obviously harder. Hard mode offers a chance for more experienced players to unlock all of the skulls on the map and unlock the achievement ‘Guardian of the Empire’.

If you are having trouble completing hard mode, try completing all levels on normal first and returning with better gear - elixirs help too!

What are Scrolls?

Scrolls are used to enter dungeons. If you run out of scrolls you must wait for them to regenerate or your can ask your friends to send you some as a gift. For those who can’t wait to keep fighting, Scrolls can be purchased with emeralds from the Shop!


While runes and elements seem similar, they are slightly different.

Runes are what you make your matches from, their colour corresponds with different spells and each match of that colour adds to your spell bar so that when it is full, a spell can be cast.

Elements are the type or class of enemies/dungeons and the type of damage of certain spells. Some spells are more effective against certain types of foes and some are not as strong.

Item/Spell Rarity

Much like item level, item/spell rarity indicates how good an item is but also how rare it is in the game, or how likely it is to be rewarded.

Rarity is indicated by the following icons:

C - common

UC - uncommon

R - rare

E - exotic

L - Legendary  (these are the most rare and therefore, the most Powerful !)

Item, Weapon and Spell Statistics


HP: How many hit points or health your hero has. Strength increases the amount of damage your hero can endure.

Regeneration: The better your hero’s regeneration, the faster they will recover health after taking damage.


Armor: The higher your armor stat, the less damage your hero will take.

Defense: Defence rating enables your hero to block incoming attacks from enemies.

Critical: Your critical percentage indicates the likeliness of having your melee attacks cause critical damage, these are attacks are super strong!

Dodge: Your hero’s dodge rating represents how likely they are to dodge incoming attacks from enemy minions.

Damage: Damage is the base damage of your hero’s weapon, when making matches this will be multiplied by the number of runes!


Spell Critical: Spell Crit rating indicates the likeliness of super strong damage or healing from your hero’s spells.

Spell Dodge: The likeliness of dodging incoming spells from attacking enemies.


Iron - Iron is stronger against Nature and weaker against Fire

Nature - Nature is stronger against Light and weaker against Iron

Light - Light is stronger against Water and weaker against Nature

Water - Water is stronger against Fire and weaker against Light

Fire - Fire is stronger against Iron and weaker against Water

These element stats represent your extra damage or damage reduction per element

Hero Class Tips


"A master of heavy weapons and armor, the ironclad lives for battle and redemption”.

The Ironclad are the melee warriors of Blood Gate, prioritizing defense and armor means that they can take the hard hits and utilizing the damage stat means they can deal them too!

Ironclad are naturally IRON aligned and therefore are stronger against Nature, but take weaker against Fire.


"Adept in the arts  or arcane warfare, the Warlock fights with sorcery and cunning”.

Warlocks are spell casters and healers, prioritizing the Intelligence stat means that their spells cause more damage with a higher chance of causing critical (maximum) damage or healing.

Warlocks are WATER aligned and stronger against FIRE enemies but weaker against Light


“From an ancient order of hunters and assassins, the Stalker kills with speed and stealth”.

Stalkers use a combination of spell and melee damage. Masters of subtlety, dexterity (especially dodge) is the best stat choice for Stalkers!

The Stalker is NATURE aligned so is stronger against LIGHT and weaker against IRON

How do I Get Emeralds and Gold and What Can I Buy With Them?

Emeralds can be purchased with real money, can occasionally be rewarded as loot in dungeons and can be earned by unlocking achievements. A variety of things can be purchased with emeralds including armor, spell and weapon chests as well as scroll and elixir packs. If you die in dungeons emeralds can even purchase revivals. Check out the shop for yourself!

Gold is awarded in dungeons and can be used for purchasing secret item box from the shop as well as in crafting!

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