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Guardian Stone: Second War Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tip #1: Heroes and Guardian
Heroes can be accompanied by a maximum of three Guardians, and each Guardian protects the hero with its own Barrier.

You can set one Guardian as your leader Guardian. Once set, that Guardian's leader skill will become active.

Your hero's attack power and HP are affected by their level, and also by the rarity and upgrade level of their equipment.

As your hero levels up, your total Guardian cost will increase, enabling you to take even stronger Guardians into battle.

Enemies that are higher in level than your hero can evade your hero's and Guardians‘ attacks. The larger the level gap, the easier it is for enemies to evade.

Tip #2: Guardians come in one of three types: Stellar, Lunar, or Solar, and as one of four classes: Arcane, Holy, Ravager, or Bastion.

Your hero may be accompanied by up to three Guardians when adventuring. Your leader Guardian's type will determine what type your hero falls under.

Tip #3: Tiers
All Guardians can be evolved up to Tier 6. Evolving a Guardian to the next Tier requires Guardian Essences of the same Tier and type.

Your hero can only equip Guardians equal to or lesser than your maximum Guardian cost. Your maximum Guardian cost will increase as your hero levels up, but your Guardians‘ cost will also increase as they increase in Tier.

Tip #4: How to Acquire
You can summon different Guardians at the Guardian Sanctuary.

- Special Summon
You can use Rubies to summon Guardians tier 3 or higher.
- Combining Guardian Shards
You can use shards you collect during your adventures to summon the Guardian shown on the shard.

Guardian shards also display what you need to summon that particular Guardian. You can select the Guardian Shard tab from the Guardian Sanctuary to see a list of all Guardians you can combine.

New types of Guardian shards are still being discovered, and there are even shards that no one has yet found, giving many an adventurer reason to stay in the game.

Tip #5: Leveling Up
 A Guardian's max level depends on its tier. Leveling up Guardians increases their attack power and Barrier.

Guardians mainly get EXP from battles, but they can also receive a great amount of EXP from Soulstones and by being fed extra Guardians in your inventory. They can additionally gain EXP from joining expeditions.

Tier 6 Guardians can be transcended to increase their maximum level. Feed your Guardians EXP using Soulstones or
other Guardians at the Sanctuary.

Tip #6: Evolution
Guardians can be evolved to the next highest tier using a max level Guardian of the same tier and Guardian Essences of the
same type.

Evolution raises a Guardian's tier and makes it stronger.
The Guardian can also receive the following benefits:
- Its maximum level is increased.
- It can acquire a new skill or enhance its leader skill.
- Its physical appearance changes.
- Its upgrade limit increases.
- Guardians evolving to tier 6 go through a mystical, final transformation.

All Guardians can be evolved to tier 6. Evolution can be performed at the Sanctuary.

Tip #7: Upgrading
Guardians can be upgraded using another one of the same Guardian as an upgrade material.

Guardians can be upgraded up to +5, and their upgrade limit can increase depending on their tier.

Each upgrade greatly increases a Guardian's attack power and Barrier.

Guardians can be used as upgrade materials regardless of their level, tier, or upgrade status.

Upgrades can be performed at the Sanctuary.

Tip #8: Transcendence
Transcending a Guardian increases its maximum level by +1. Leveling it up past its original level cap will greatly increase its parameters.

Guardians can be transcended up to +5. In order to transcend a tier 6 Guardian, you need an Elixir of Transcendence and another tier 6 Guardian of the same type to act as a sacrifice.

You can transcend Guardians at the Guardian Sanctuary.

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