Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bird Land Paradise Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Birdland Help
Hi! Hope you enjoy playing Birdland, here you can find some help, get answers on most important questions, understand the tactics of game and a lot more!

What is Birdland?
Birdland is a game where you can adopt cute and nice birds, feed them, tickle them, breed them and do a lot more like decorating your very own Bird cage, buy Bird toys adjust do everything to keep your birds happy and the cage cool!
The more you play the more experience you get, which results in getting you higher level and unlocking new cool features! In Birdland you can also visit your Birdland neighbors to feed their birds and clean their cages, and of course collect your daily coins

How to earn coins?
There are plenty of ways to earn coins in Birdland, here are some key points:
1. Collect your everyday coins from bucket in your cage every 24 hours.
2. Collect your everyday "neighbor coins" by visiting your friends‘
cages. Those buckets also get refilled every 24 hours.
3. Make your or neighbors‘ birds happy by tickling or loving them! [you get coins from every bird you make happy]
4. Clean your or your neighbor's cage and earn coins!
5. And finally, adult bird costs more then teen bird, so you can buy birds and sell them when they are adult!

How do I get More Neighbors?
Here is what you need to do to get more neighbors:
1. Click on Neighbors icon [in bottom left part.with a human Silhouette on it]
2. Choose. Community tab
3. Browse thousands of people. to choose yourself a neighbor! You can have up to 50 neighbors.

How do I spend my coins?
1, Buy some cool decorations and accessories for your birds. you get brand new cool items unlocked on every level.
2. Your birds need food and you spend your coins on keeping your feeders full.
3. Spend your coins on buying new cool birds.

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