Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dots Hero Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Hire and upgrade hero. Destroy Monster's summon gate for victory. You can hire heroes to hero buttons. You can also upgrade heroes to upgrade button in hero buttons. Each heroes have unique ability. So use your hero to suit your needs.

Knight has average ability in attack and defense.
He has bravely mind and fast movement.

Archer has long range attack ability. slow movement, low
defense and low vital. Although, he does not push monsters
with arrows, but larger the number, the stronger the better

Defender has high defense and vital but low attack. Be
pushed(by monster attack) distance is halt of others. He takes
half damage by long range attack.

Assassin has high attack but low defense and vital. He
can dodge monster‘s attack by 50% chance.

Healer can heal other heroes with vital less
than 90%, Heal is very import at battle.

Food grow speed, Food max count, Gold gain rate. Food is very
important to hire heroes. Especially for high class heroes. Do not
forget upgrade.

Cannon has splash damage and long range attack. More
cannons are more powerful But cannon has slow move and
attack speed.

Mage can use ice magic to slow enemy's
moving speed. With archer, more powerful,