Sunday, August 9, 2015

Battle Spheres Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Event #1: Level Up Launch Event!
Starts: Friday (24th July) at 8AM GMT+8
Ends: Monday (3rd August) at 8AM GMT+8
Ends: Monday (31st August) at 8AM GMT+8

All EXP dungeons open!

To give all Battlers a headstart in their adventures in the World of Spherea, all EXP dungeons will be open and accessible through the 'Events' on the World Map until Monday, 3rd August 8AM GMT+8 31st August at 8AM GMT+8!

Battlers will be able to unlock the EXP dungeon of each element for 1 hour everyday until this event ends.

Clear the EXP dungeons to obtain powerful EXP Spheres that can be used for Fusion to level up your team of Battle Spheres and become the top Battler in all of Spherea!

Event #2: Like Battle Spheres Facebook Page!

Like Battle Spheres Facebook page and receive fantastic rewards when we reach our community milestones!

1000 Likes -> 10 Gems!
3000 Likes -> 30 Gems!
5000 Likes -> 1 free Premium Summon!

Join Battle Spheres Facebook page today and keep up with latest news and announcements!

Battlers! Need some extra coins for fusion and evolution? Get ready to capture the Money Plants from the brand-new weekend gold dungeon and sell them for extra coins! The dungeons will be open every weekend, so get battling!

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