Monday, August 31, 2015

Doom:Down of Demons Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Defeat monster to level up
a. In the game, all battle is automatic, you don‘t need any manual operate, even when you log out the game, you can still get exp and gears, when you log in again, you can check what you get in this pride of time!!
b.The offline farming will work with max 24 hours, and when your bag is full,
system will sell the less quality of gears in your bag
c. Beside auto farming, you can challenge boss, you can change to a higher
level of stage to gain more exp , gold, and batter gear when you defeat the

Job Introduce
a.There are three base classes as warrior, mage and acrher in game
b.Warrior's main attributes is STR, and can transfer into sword master and paladin
c. Mage's main attributes is INT, and can transfer into wizard and necromancer
d.Archer's main attributes is DEX, and can transfer into Demon Hunter and
Mechanical Master
e.Higher of the VIP will give higher luck, with higher luck, it's more easier to
deals max damage.

a.There are 10 different parts to equipment the gears
b.The gear has 6 qualities, such as white(normal (green) good (blue) excellent
purple(epic) orange(legend) flash(rune)
c. The attach attributes of gears has STR , DEX , INT, STA, and gears will get
more attributes when the quality of gears goes well.
d.Rune gears will have a powerful attributes in additional.
e.Enhancement can upgrade the basic attributes of gears.
f.Reset can reroll the attributes of gears.
g.Rune Transmit can transfer the rune attributes into another gears in same part.
h.Rune devour can Increase the rune attributes.
i.Useless gears can be smelt and forge.

Enchanted Card
a Once you own a enchanted card, you will get the enchanted card's attributes permanently. need to collect a suit of card to active the Suit attributes. a suit of card can own the attributes of the sultcard.