Friday, August 28, 2015

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Play

What is Pokemon Shuffle Mobile?
This is a puzzle game where you battle against wild Pokemon to catch them.
Some are cute, and some are cool. You gotta catch ‘em all!

Catching Pokemon
You need to win a puzzle battle in order to try to catch Pokemon.

It's easy to battle! Just line up three of the same Pokemon to clear them.
Those cleared Pokemon attack the opposing Pokemon.

The more Pokemon you clear at once, the more damage they can deal. Try to line up as many as you can.

When the opponent's HP is reduced to zero, "Catch that Pokemon!“ is shown, and it's time to try and
catch it!

The less moves you used during the puzzle, the more chance you'll have of catching that Pokemon.

Tap the Poke Ball when you are ready!
You'll be able to use that Pokemon in puzzles if you successfully catch it.

*lf you fail to catch it...

Try using a Great Ball, and you'll have a greater chance.
However, you'll have to spend your Coins to use Great Balls. Be sure to think it over.

Setting Pokemon you caught as Support Pokémon

Once you catch a Pokemon after defeating it, you'll be able to set it as one of your Support Pokemon.
You can do so before you select a stage to challenge.

Keep in mind that Pokémon types have good and bad matchups, and that applies to SupportPokémon, too.

If you get unsure about which Pokemon to bring into battle, just use the handy OPTIMIZE button.
it'll automatically select Support Pokemon that have good type matchups with the opposing Pokemon.

Mega-Evolving Pokémon

Some of the Pokemon you can catch can Mega Evolve.
When you obtain Mega Stones, which are needed to Mega Evolve, your Pokemon can Mega Evolve.
All those Mega-Evolved Pokemon have powerful Mega Effects, so try setting them as your Support Pokemon!