Monday, June 1, 2015

LEGO Ninjago Tournament Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

How to Play?
Tap the attack button to do melee strikes when the enemy is near or ranged attacks when the enemy is far. Only selected characters can do ranged attacks.
To do a Jump Slam, tap the jump button to get in the air and then tap the attack button.
To Block, tap and hold the block button when an enemy is about to attack.
To Dodge, quickly swipe the screen in any desired direction.
Tap the grab button to take hold of your enemy.
When the special meter is flashing, tap it to perform your special move.

Best special move in the game. It can kill normal enemies with a single blast. It has a wide area blast that can kill enemies at the same time.
Effective against bosses and mobs specially at higher waves. It is more easier to use compared to other special moves.

It has a Ranged Attack, Dodge, Jump slam. Skylar's best ability is his Fast Range Attack. Range are very important when battling bosses, you should hit them while being safe from their attacks.
Remember bosses will be more stronger when you defeated them, so you need to avoid their attacks and special moves.
Not all range attacks are the same, some are lame and slow and some are very fast.

Finish and complete those challenges to earn gold lego coins.

Gold Lego Coins
Use them to earn Studs and have a chance to get power-ups that will help you survive or become stronger in the Chen's island arena.

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