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FarmVille : Harvest Swap Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Basic Gameplay

How do I make a Match?
To make a Match, you will need to line up 3 Crops of the same type in a row. This "harvests" those Crops, earning you points and progress toward your goals.

How do Level Goals work?
Each level has unique Level Goals required for successful completion. There are four different types of Level Goals.

Earn points. Make as many matches and combos as possible to score big!
Collect Crops. These levels may require a bit more planning. Your instinct may be to only make matches for the Crops you need, but remember: sometimes making a combo, even with a Crop you don't need, can end up dropping and Harvesting more Crops you DO need! Also, don't forget to use your Barrels!
Drop special item(s) to the bottom of the board. These special items could be anything, from feed bags that feed your famished flock, to firewood that fans the flames on a freezing farm. Just get each item to the bottom of the board by Harvesting all the Crops below!
Remove Hazards. Whether it's Mud, or Frost, or any number of other threats to your farm, sometimes you've just gotta roll up your sleeves and get the job done. If you come across a level that requires you to clear out some hazards, don't forget: big combos and well-timed power-ups can be your best friend!

What's a Harvest Bonus?
After you complete a level, any remaining moves you have become a Harvest Bonus! The Harvest Bonus turns one Crop into a Prized Crop for each move you have left, and all of those Prized Crops explode one by one, earning you massive points!

I'm stuck on a level and I just can't seem to beat it. What do I do?
Some levels are designed to be more difficult than others. You may come across one that really challenges you, and requires you to think about the game in a different way. Combos and power-ups are always an option that may help, but if you're still having trouble, check out our Facebook Fan Page (COMING SOON!) for some helpful tips!

I beat all the levels. When are more levels coming out?
Soon! The team is working to provide new and exciting levels as fast as possible. Keep an eye on the Facebook Fan Page (COMING SOON!) and the FarmVille: Harvest Swap Twitter account (COMING SOON!) to hear about updates as soon as they're available!

Combos & Super Abilities

How do I make a Sunbeam and what does it do?
When you line up 4 Crops in a row, you create a combo that gives one of those Crops the Sunbeam Super Ability. You can tell that a Crop has a Sunbeam when it glows brightly. Matching a Sunbeam Crop will harvest an entire row of Crops, either horizontally or vertically! Use Sunbeams wisely to score big points!

What is a Barrel and how do I make one?
Matching 5 Crops in a row creates a Barrel. Barrels are super powerful because you can harvest ALL of one type of Crop from the whole board, at once! For example, if you have a Barrel adjacent to a Strawberry, swapping the Barrel and the Strawberry will harvest EVERY Strawberry on the board. This is a huge asset on collection levels.

Prized Crops sound awesome! How can I make some, and what do they do?
A Crop turns into a Prized Crop whenever it is swapped into position to make an “L” or “T” shape of all one type of Crop. You can tell it's a Prized Crop by the ribbon it displays. Once a Crop becomes a Prized Crop, harvesting it will cause the Prized Crop to explode, harvesting all the Crops around it in a 3x3 area, then after new crops cascade in, the Prized Crop explodes AGAIN to harvest another 3x3 area of Crops. By golly, that's good!

I can make a Crate? Great! But what is it, and why do I want one?
Matching crops in a 2x2, or square, pattern will create a Crate. Crates do not cascade down the board like regular Crops. Instead, they stay in one spot on the board until you use them. To use a Crate, use your finger to drag a line starting on the Crate, and then through as many of one particular type of Crop as you can. You can keep dragging to make a longer and longer chain, as long as you're connecting the same type of Crop. You can drag vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Once you've got as many Crops as you can, remove your finger and all of those Crops will be collected into the Crate and harvested. You can even chain multiple Crates together for truly MASSIVE chains!

Can I make any other Combos?
Heck yeah! If you've got two Supers (Sunbeam, Barrel, Prized Crop, Crate) side by side, swap them and see what happens! Combining Supers together results in some really incredible surprises! Try for as many as you can find!


The Shovel. A farmer's most trusty tool. Shovels can be purchased on most levels, before starting the level (and used whenever needed), or during the level. After you purchase a Shovel, it will appear on your Power-Ups bar. Tapping the Shovel will bring up an arrow that points to a specific spot on the game board. Move this arrow to the desired spot on the board you wish to dig up with the Shovel, and then click Yes to use the Shovel. The Shovel will dig up the item on that spot and remove it from the board. If it's a Crop, it will harvest it!

The Crate is another useful tool on the farm. You can purchase a Crate during a level, and swap out any board item for the Crate. Once you've got your Crate on the board, you can use it to start a chain by dragging from the Crate, through as many crops of the same type as you can get to. The chain can go horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, and can even be chained through multiple crates. AND, each time you add a new Crate to the chain, you can use a different Crop type for the next section of the chain! Isn't that wild?!?


Using a Wheelbarrow is a great way to collect a bunch of same-type Crops at once. The Wheelbarrow can be purchased during a level, and placed on top of any Crop on the board. Once it's placed, it will collect all of that same Crop type on the board. Great for Crop collection levels!

Extra Moves
Sometimes, a few extra moves make all the difference. For those occasions, you can purchase Extra Moves. This power-up is available before the level begins, or after you run out of moves, and can be purchased with Diamonds.

Who couldn't use a little more sun? Purchase the Sunbeam power-up and you'll get additional Sunbeams added to Crops on the board to start the level. These can then be used to quickly clear our rows of Crops! This can be especially useful on levels with lots of Hazards.


Bunnies (Carrots)
While these cute little Bunnies aren't really a hazard by themselves, they ARE taking up valuable space on your farm! Clear out the bunnies and send them on their way by harvesting Carrots. This will lure the bunnies out of their holes, where they'll munch a bunch of grass, get full, and go take a nap under a tree somewhere while you finish your farming!

Brrrr! Frost is a tricky hazard to work around, but with some practice, you can overcome it! The way to get rid of a Crop that's got Frost on top is to make a match that includes the Crop under the Frost. This will break the Frost apart and let you match the Crop underneath as normal!

Rocks can be cleared by making matches next to them. But be careful, sometimes you may encounter multiple layers of Rocks. These need multiple adjacent matches to clear out completely. Be sure to make those combos when you can; they will really help while clearing out Rocks!

Mud is one of the easier hazards to clear, but dagnabbit, there's usually a lot of it. Mud can come in one layer or two. Double layers of Mud become single layers once you match the Crop on top of the Mud. Single layers are cleared from the board when you match the Crop on top.

What farm would be complete without a bunch of Hay Bales? The only problem is, clearing them out can take some time. To clear Hay Bales, simply make a match next to one. You’ll harvest the Crop and clear the Hay Bale. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Connecting to Facebook

How Do I Connect to Facebook?
You can connect through Facebook in a few ways: through the game's Main Menu, through the Game Settings screen, or through the Pre/Post Level screens. When you click to connect, you will be taken out of the FarmVille: Harvest Swap app momentarily and into the Facebook app. Once you login to your Facebook account, you will be returned to the game, and will be connected so that you can share scores with all your Facebook friends, send and receive gifts and requests, and check on their progress through the farm!

How do I load my level progress onto a new device?
To be able to play across multiple devices, you need to make sure that your account is connected to Facebook. This allows the game to recognize your progress so you can access them on any device. Also, make sure that there is no other account logged in on your Game Center or Google Play other than your email account.

Inbox - Gifts & Requests

How Can I Send and Receive Game Requests?
Once you're connected to Facebook, you have the ability to send and receive game requests and gifts from friends, via the Inbox. The Inbox is accessible from the level select map, by clicking the envelope icon on the bottom left. From here, you can see all the gifts and requests that your friends have sent, and accept each one or send gifts back!


How many lives do you get in FarmVille: Harvest Swap?
You begin the game with five lives. They appear as hearts on the level select screen and are what you use to continue playing levels. Whenever you lose, restart, or quit a level, it costs you a Life. You can get more Lives in a variety of different ways. First, you can wait. Lives recharge over time. But that's no fun, so how about another way? Second, once you run out, you can ask your friends for more Lives. Click “Ask Friends” on the Out of Lives screen, and pick which friends to send to. Each friend can send you 1 Life. Third, you can buy Lives with Diamonds. Buying Lives will restore all your Lives immediately!

My friends sent me an extra life, but the game says I only have five lives. Why can't I have more?
You can only ever have five lives at a time, so if you have a full set of lives and a friend sends you an additional one, you will still only have the maximum five lives.

Coins & Diamonds
There are two types of currency in the game: Coins and Diamonds.

How do I earn Coins?
You earn Coins by completing levels. The higher your star rating, the more coins you earn. More Coins can also be purchased by tapping the [+] symbol next to your Coins at the top of the level select screen. You can use Coins to buy many power-ups, which will help you progress through the game.

What are Diamonds?
Diamonds are more rare than Coins. They are not awarded for completing levels, but if you're lucky you may earn a few for performing various actions throughout the game. They can also be purchased by tapping the [+] symbol next to your Diamonds on the level select screen. Diamonds can be used to buy even more power-ups, including extra moves when you run out!

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