Monday, May 4, 2015

VEGA Conflict Cheats Coins: Guide, Tips & Strategy for Android/iPhone Game

To defend against a VEGA attack we should boost our defenses by building a COMBAT MODULE.
Modules must be positioned close to powered modules to function.
Fleet stats update when new ships are added. LEVEL is a guide for how POWERFUL a fleet is.

Remember, comparing your LEVEL to that of your opponent is a good gauge of success.
Keep this in mind when selecting targets.

Toggling Al ON lets your ships move and attack by themselves. If you don't join combat, the Al will be toggled ON by default.

The most efficient way to defeat the enemy is to focus all of your ships on one target at a time.
Start by selecting your ships using the SELECT ALL button
Notice when your ships are selected their weapon ranges are visible.

The Commerce Module is the economic center of your base
It automatically; produces coins.

VEGA Conflict Cheats

Use any hex editor apps that are available for android/iOS and change the value of HEX Dword to any amount you want.

Coins HEX 3d e3 33 27 Dword

If the codes doesn't work, it is possible that your android version is not compatible with the code I provided above.

Fortunately you can do it manually! To do it manually, just use search function in your hex editor app, enter your current Coins value in VEGA Conflict and search for it (choose DWORD) .

If you see a small list of results, example 10. Just edit the value of them one by one until you can find the real HEX!

If you see a large list of result, you need to change the value of your current Coins value in VEGA Conflict by either using/consuming or adding it. Go back to the list and find your new current Coins value in VEGA Conflict to the large list and  you can now edit the value any amount you want.

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