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Rival Kingdoms Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Rival Kingdoms Guide

The Stronghold, is the heart of your village. Commander, you must upgrade your Stronghold quickly to prevent your resources from being plundered. Upgrading your Stronghold will unlock new buildings, troops, and let you master new skills shared with you by the Ancients.

Upgrades come at a cost. For this reason, you'll need Gold Smelters and a place to store all of your harvested gold from raids and your smelter. Gold is stored in your Gold Storage. Be sure to upgrade your Gold Storage and Gold Smelter quickly as you will not want to waste any golds that you cannot store.

Your village will also need protection, there are several important buildings involved in the defense of your Stronghold. Deploy them strategically, considering the radius of each. Make sure that the enemy does not reach the Stronghold, this is the main target of any attack. Protect the Stronghold at any cost… for once it falls, the battle is lost. At a minimum, you'll want a Watch Tower that shoots arrows very quickly and inflicts significant damage to the target, a Spell Tower to use the powers of your favorite Ancient, and a Catapult which has a large radius and inflicts additional splash damages. Make sure that the Village is well protected and surrounded by massive walls. And remember, the more you upgrade the level of the walls, the more resistant to attacks you will be!

Keep in mind that every village needs a large and strong army. You'll need a Troop Portal to send your soldiers on the battlefield. Upgrade your troop portal to deploy more squads of troops. And be sure to defend each Portal well, when one of them is destroyed the attacker earns Mana that he can use to launch Ancient spells against your village.

Join a Kingdom, go on a Campaign to the North to track Forevil, and unlock Ancients who will help you in your quests against The Ruin.

Commander, we wish you fame, honor and glory!

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