Saturday, May 2, 2015

Galactic Nemesis Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Buying Ship Guide
If you want to save your coins when buying ships. Buy the most expensive ship in that chapter.
Avoid upgrading your ship, just save them to be able to buy the currently unlocked most expensive ship.

Benefits on buying the most expensive ship at your latest chapter.
  • You can still use your ship for the next chapter, while other ships can't
  • Your ship have the most powerful bullet currently at your latest chapter.
  • Has the highest defense compared to the other ships.
  • Once you've max upgraded your Fire Rate and Defense. You can skip upgrading special and save those coins for the next powerful ships available in the next chapter.

Upgrade Guide
Don't upgrade your ship if it is not the best unlocked ship available.
If you already beat the chapter without max upgrade, you don't need to upgrade your current ship, just save your coins for the next powerful ship available.
You should upgrade your Fire Rate first for your offense and it only needs three upgrades.
To improve your survivability, upgrade some of your defense until you are satisfied with it's durability in-game. Remember upgrade cost coins and coins are important on purchasing/upgrading new ships.
Avoid upgrading specials because Max Fire rate and Shield are enough already to beat any chapter.

How to earn coins fast?
Play at the first chapter 1-4 with TX3 ship Max Fire Rate Upgrade.
You could earn around 500 coins for every 1-4 stages.
Just replay the 1-4 stages to earn coins!

Benefits on playing Chapter 1 1-4 stage.
  • Fast 500 coins compared to other stages (Missions earnings excluded)
  • It is easy to finish the stage compared to other difficult stages.
  • Getting Shield and other power-ups that will help you in other difficult stages.
  • You can beat any stages if you have unlimited shield. Therefore play Chapter 1 1-4 stage and get shield powerups as you can.