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Basketball Showdown Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Guide on How to win a Season and a Playoffs Championship at 100% chance!

There are 16 players in a season and there are 4 divisions.
Each division has 4 players, the top 2 players of their own division will be qualified for the playoffs.
Each players will face each other only once for a total of 15 games for each players.
Since only two players of their respected division will have a chance to play at the play-offs. You should get atleast 10 wins to have a higher chance of getting into the play-offs.
Some division will be more stronger than the other division, you will be lucky if your division is weak or it has only 1 elite player.
Assuming the season has concluded and you're division top player have a record of 12-3 and both you and the other player had a 9-6 record. The Tiebreaker would be you and the other player head to head  record in the season. Whoever wins at their head to head game in the season would automatically qualified as a top 2 seeded in their respected division.

Season has a total of 15 games to play, but it doesn't really matter if you have an undefeated streak or the lowest top 2 seeded record out of the 4 divisions. You only need to qualify at the playoffs by becoming a top 2 seed at your own division.

There are 8 players in a playoffs battling for the championship.
In Playoffs, you only need 1 win to proceed to the next round or 1 lose to be eliminated at the playoffs. So you need to win 3 consecutive to win the championship.
It would be A Division Top 1 seed player would battle the B Division Top 2 seed player for the 1st round playoffs. Then it would be A's Top 2 vs B's Top 1, it will be the same as C and D division.
The second round would only have 1 player for each division. It will be A vs B and C vs D match-up.
The third round or the championship will be the winner of  A vs B and C vs D.

Basketball Showdown Cheats

How to win three consecutive at the Playoffs without having a chance of being eliminated?
Step 1. Make your first 4 jump shots successfully! If you don't make it, proceed to number 8 or if you are still leading, proceed to step 3.
Step 2. Your next shot will be two points instead of one!
Step 3. Make atleast 3 or more two points shot. If leading, proceed to step 4 otherwise step 8.
Step 4. If you are leading, don't rush your shot, just carefully swipe up your ball.
Step 5. Don't worry if you miss, just be better at your next shot. If the enemy is leading, proceed to step 8.
Step 6. You should have atleast 2 or 3 points ahead of your enemy if the time is around at 5 seconds left otherwise proceed to step 8.
Step 7. Avoid overtime!
Step 8. .(Don't do this step if you successfully won the Playoffs.)
Quickly press your home button, terminate the app by going into your multitasking feature. Re-open the game and you can re-play the game without being eliminated from the playoffs game. Proceed to the step 1

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