Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fortress Fury Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips and Tricks for Android iPhone Game

Fortress Fury Guide

Why can't I craft certain items?
All items require resources to craft. If you do not have the required amount of each resource in the recipe, you will be unable to craft the item. You will gain resources by battling, so keep on playing!

What are the properties for gold and silver blocks?
The core's influence can speed up the cool down for any  weapon or a shield placed right next to the core.  

Because the core has only 4 sides, players typically will place a shield of each side.  However, it you would like to speed up the cooldown of a weapon and do not want to expose the core to incoming fire, you can place gold or silver blocks to further expand the influence of the core.

Painting and erasing blocks
By tapping and holding on a building block you have placed on the grid, you will enter paint mode. Once in paint mode, you may drag your finger around to paint with the selected block. To exit paint mode, simply lift your finger from the screen.

Similarly, if you tap and hold on an empty grid square, you will enter erase mode. You can think of this as painting with air - it functions exactly the same as the block painting described above.

Save tower
You can save your favorite tower by pressing on the SAVE/LOAD button on the upper side of the screen.

The game automatically saves the tower that is on your build screen.  However, if you would like to save a copy of your tower and still continue to work on another tower, you will need to save it a tower slot.

You can purchase additional tower slots for 100 crystals each.

To load a save tower, swipe the screen to display the tower you would like to load and then select it.

To save a tower to a tower slot, press on SAVE/LOAD and then select the tower slot you would like to use by swiping them until the one you would like to use is displayed.  Then press on SAVE.

Why did I lose a weapon/support/building block after a battle?
Craftable items are expendable. If your opponent destroys one in battle, or your tower is destroyed, it is consumed. Be sure to take this into account when formulating your strategy. Quitting a battle or disconnecting will count as a loss and your tower will be destroyed, so it is highly encouraged that you play on a stable connection.

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