Friday, April 17, 2015

WWE 2K Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

WWE 2K How to Play/Controls

Tap your opponent to move towards him. A ring appears to show that he's selected.

When your opponent's ring is solid, tap anywhere on screen to strike.
To perform a strong strike, tap and hold anywhere on screen.
Strong strikes deplete your momentum bar.
If the momentum bar isn't fully charged, a strong strike can't be used.
Elbow drop on a grounded opponent by tapping and holding on them.

To grapple, perform a pinch in gesture with 2 fingers when near an opponent.
To reverse a grapple, predict the direction your opponent chose.
If your Reversal skill is high enough, an incorrect direction will be eliminated.

Irish Whips
To Irish whip, two finger swipe right or left when in range.
To take down rebounding opponents, tap or pinch for different attacks.
To counter an Irish whip, swipe in the direction of the displayed arrow.

To pin, move towards your opponent and pinch while he is on the ground.
Pinning is more effective when the opponent's health is lower.
To kick out of a pin, swipe up repeatedly to fill the pin meter.
Remember that the lower your health, the harder it is to kick out of a pin.
You can lift an opponent to his feet by swiping up while in range.
The target ring turns green to let you know you're in range.
Lifted opponents remain stunned for a time. The duration is linked to his health.

Knockdowns attacks don't cause a lot of damage, but will drop your opponent.
A knockdown attack requires all your momentum.
Swipe towards an opponent when the target ring lights up for a knockdown.

Parrying leaves you vulnerable. Only parry if you anticipate an attack.

Signatures can be used as your hype meter increases.
Hype increases by attacking your opponent or taunting.
To taunt, tap on your portrait.
Repeatedly swipe in the direction of the Signature/Finisher arrow to gain power!
Follow the instructions during a signature to get more finisher hype.
Each signature has a specific gesture to perform that increases finisher hype.

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