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War of Thrones Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

War of Thrones: Strategy Guide

Game Introduction
War of Thrones is a building simulation and real time strategy game.
Players can construct buildings and train armies that can be used for offensive and defensive purposes.
There are also alliances to join, which is especially important as allies can share resources as well as help each other in their respective tasks.
Aside from working together, players can also attack each other to gain additional resources as rewards.
You use you armies to attack your foes and rival alliances in order to be king!

Building your Kingdom
In order to have a thriving army set on conquering the world, you first need to have the basics needed for everyday life.
*One of these basics is a farm so that your subjects may be able to eat and grow stronger. To build a farm, tap on a blank space on the surrounding areas.

*This will bring up a menu that allows you to choose which structure you wish to build in that space. when you tap on the Farm, it will begin construction.
*You use the same way to build other resource buildings: Lumber-mills,

Quarries and Ironmines.
*Another item you should take under consideration is the state of your kingdom's main building. Castle, which controls what you can and cannot build or upgrade in it. To control this, you need to upgrade the Castle once in a while.
*Tap on the Castle, and then on the ‘Upgrade’ button. You will then need to choose the type of upgrade you'd like to use, each with variable prices and uses.
When you have found the right one for you, go ahead and select it to continue.
*There are more structures available in the build menu that you should build in your kingdom, including Military Camps, Magic Academy, and Hospitals.
*The Military Camp allows you to train new troops for use in your army, and is vital to any kingdom's success.
*The Magic Academy is where you will be able to research new magics and technologies for use in your kingdom.
*The Hospital is where your troops may go when they have finished battling in order to heal their wounds.
*Once you have built some of these buildings, it's important to know how to utilize them so that you can have the best army possible.
Building your Army
 *First, tap on one Military Camp to bring up its menu.
 *Then, you can select any of the available troops. You will then need to select how many of that particular troop you'd like to train. Once you are ready to begin training them, tap on the ‘Train’ button to finish.
*If after a battle you find that some of your troops are wounded, you may also tap on the Hospital in your kingdom. Once in it, you can tap on any of the wounded soldiers and then on the 'Heal' button to heal them.
*You should heal every one of your wounded soldiers until you don't have anymore to heal. This will make sure you have a well-adjusted army for battle.

*To attack another kingdom, tap on the World Map, and then on a kingdom
that is not yours. At this point, you will be given the option to see Scout or Attack.
 *If you choose to Attack, you will then need to choose which troops will be send the troops over to attack.
 *To see the results of Attacks, you need to go to Mail-Reports and check the reports.

' *Quests are available to be completed in the game. After completing one "
Quest, you will be able to gain additional resources as rewards.
*To access Quests, tap on the Quests button at the right of the screen. Here you will then see categories of Quests you can then complete.
*In the ‘Daily Quests’ section, you can see a list of quests that are available and rotate on a daily basis. These are simple quests that only require a touch of a button to begin and complete, but may take quite a bit of time to fully complete.

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