Monday, April 20, 2015

Rogue Star Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Proficient pilots can earn a good living from picking up cargo pods. These can sometimes be found in the debris of destroyed ships or are occasionally dumped in space lanes. Due to a pods shielding, its contents can only be revealed once its been collected.

Station Auctions
New citizens are encouraged to participate in each stations auction. Auctions allow you to bid for commodities and sell them to other stations, hopefully for a profit. Instructions and further information on auctions can be found its entry.

Rogue Star has become riddled with the menace of pirates. Though not unexpected for a penal its increase caught GalCON by surprise. Unwilling to increase their presence in the system, GalCON have instead opted to offer bounty on pirates heads.

Convoy Defence
If your legal status is clean you may occasionally be asked to provide escort duty for other ships, usually cargo convoys. A flashing antenna icon will replace your flight computers icon and pressing this will allow you to open comms with the hailing ships a discuss terms. For more information on your status see its heading in the Captains Log help file.

Pilots may also occasionally be approached by pirates to help them ambush unwary passerbys. Expect a fight if you refuse these individuals, the rewards however can be huge!

Missions can be accepted by pilots at space stations. They usually involve delivering cargo or information from one sector to another. They can be a regular source of income for traders willing to accept them. Occasionally, highly regarded pilots may be offered unique missions befitting their status. In these cases, substantial rewards can be made along with interesting story developments.