Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First Touch Soccer 2015 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

First Touch Soccer 2015 Guide

To aim a set piece. simply rotate the camera, by swiping left or right in the
central area of the screen.

Some of your players are getting tired. You should bring on a substitute.
To do this, pause the game, and enter Team Management.

Not all players will be interested in signing for your club.
Use the Interested option to limit your search to interested
Build your team to attract higher rated players.

Welcome to Team Management
Change your line up by selecting players and tapping the
SWAP button in the bottom right. You can also heal injured
players by highlighting a player and tapping on the HEA L
Tap CONTRACTS on the bottom to access managerial
settings. Here you can renew player contracts, transfer list
or release players, and also change shirt numbers.

Welcome to the Stadium Editor screen.
Upgrade your stadium to increase your capacity for larger
gate receipts Er revenue. Tap on the stadium stands to start
editing. or the pitch to change pitch pattern.
Any improvements made to a stadium remain at the club
you are currently managing.

Button B
This is the low-kick or pass button. Hold the button longer for more power. Use
this to pass the ball between team mates or into space. You can also shoot with
this button.
When defending, hold the button to make your player pressure the ball.

Button A
This is the hard-kick or shoot button. Hold this button longer for more power. Use
this button for shots. clearances or long passes.
When defending, press this button to perform a slide tackle.

Button C
The is the lob button. Hold the button longer for more power. Use this button to
move the ball around the pitch in the air. You can also pass or shoot with this
When defending, use this button to change the controlled player.

When in the final third of the pitch and facing forward. ail 3 buttons will cross the
ball if there is no obvious pass or shot being made.

When in possession. double tap the right hand side of the screen lo perform a skill

The class E: nationality of your agent affects the calibre of
clubs you receive job offers from. once you have hired an
agent you will immediately get a job offer via email, which
you have to either accept or reject.

Investing in your club is a great way in which to provide
your club with a quick cash injection, whether you're
looking to sign new players, build a new stadium or get out
of debt!

Position the gloves or swipe in a direction to make a save.

Touch the ball and swipe it towards the direction you wish to shoot at.
The speed of your swipe will determine the power of your kick so be
careful to not over power the shot too much.

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