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Fashion Story: Pink Punk Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Fashion Story: Pink Punk Guide

Why Is My Order Expired?
Orders that have arrived but isn't moved to a counter or rack in time will eventually expire. The amount of time it takes for an order to expire is approximately the amount of time it takes for that order to arrive, so if an order takes 1 day to arrive, once it arrives you have approximately 1 more day to put it into your boutique it before it expires.

Why Are Customers Leaving Angry?
Customers will leave angry for one of 4 reasons.
1. There are no items in your boutique for customers to buy.
2. There are not enough mirrors or dressing rooms for your customers to try out their items.
3. The path to an empty mirror or dressing room is blocked by furniture or decorations.
4. The path to the Cash Register is blocked by furniture or decorations.

What is the Magic Box?
Opening the Magic Box gives you a chance to obtain items you can't find anywhere else! Tap "Design" in the home screen and then select the last tab (Expand) to find and purchase the Magic Box.

How Do I Expand My Boutique?
Tap "Design" in the home screen and then select the last tab (Expand) to choose from available expansion options.

How Can I Get More Gems?
You can get more Gems by going to the store, then tapping the Add button next to the Gems icon at the top of the screen. Once you tap this Add button, you will be able to select from several Gem offers available for purchase.

How Do I Move Items In My Boutique?
Items can be moved by opening the Design menu. Once you open the Design menu, tap on the item in your boutique that you would like to move to select it and then drag that item to the new location you would like to place it. Once you place the item in the new location, you will need to tap it again to confirm its new placement. If you try to place an item in a location that is already occupied by another item, then the action will fail and it will return to its original location.

How Do I Find Items In Storage?
When you store an item, receive a gift, or receive a special item through the Magic Box, it is placed in the appropriate category inside of the Design menu. For example, if you store a table, it will be placed in the Tables category. To place it in your boutique again simply open that category and tap or drag the item into your boutique.
All stored items have a marker in the lower right corner along with a number signifying how many of that item you have stored.

How Do I Sell Items In My Boutique?
If you would like to sell an item in your boutique, open the Design menu and then tap on the item you want to sell. On the right side of the screen you will see three icons: the price tag icon (marked as Sell) allows you to sell items from your Boutique for a small percentage of the initial cost of that item. Tap on this icon and you will be asked to confirm your decision - doing so will sell the item. Please remember that all decisions to sell items are final and that sold items cannot be recovered.

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