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Epic TCG Cards Battle Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Epic TCG Cards Battle Basic Guide

1. Level & Experience
Players can gain experience points by completing battles.
By getting enough experience points, the player will level up.
- Player will get rewards for leveling up each time.
- Player will be listed with greater priority on friends‘ lists
- Player's level will be used for leaderboard ranking.
- You get more experience by defeating higher level players.
2. Portrait
Portraits can he bought in Game Shop. The available portraits depend on the cards the player owns.
3. Coins
Coins can be used to buy game items like cards. Coins can also be used to place a bet in duels with other players.
4. Diamonds
In-game currency used to buy cards, coins, packs, rubies, upgrades or recharge energy. Diamonds are obtained by instore purchase.
5. Rubies
Rubies are cards enhancing material used to increase cards power, could be obtained by sacrificing cards.
6. Energy
Energy can be used to complete quests and boost the DP gained in ladder battles. Energy will be recovered overtime. Friends can also send free energy as a gift to each other every day. Max energy limit and recover speed can be increased by VIP upgrade.
7. Friends
By inviting and adding your friends, you can challenge them anytime. To add a friend, you could send a friend request by entering hisfher nickname or account ID.

Epic TCG Cards Battle Advance Guide

1. Card Type
There are 3 basic card types:
Unit -
The main force in player's army. They are the fighters who deal direct damage to enemy Unit cards. Unit Card will be removed from battlefield if its hit points reach 0.
Spell -
Actively trigger an effect when activated. The effect could be a healing, attack, attribute enhance, attribute weaken or any other special effects.
Trigger -
Similar to Spell Card's function but is only activated when certain condition is met. Thus the effect is more pertinent and powerful. Can also be called Trap Card.
2. Faction
Faction is the overall race, force or region the cards grouped to. It's also an important card attribute variable in battle.
There are currently 5 factions in game:
Shrine Alliance
Nature Force
Hell Legion
Fanstiya Empire
Dynasty Rising
3. Rarity
Rarity is represented in card's border style and color. Determine how rare the card is to be obtained. Higher rare
card usually has small advantage over lower rare cards. But this advantage can be easily overcome by card ability and different advanced attributes.
Rarity from most common to most rare: Silver->Golden->Diamond->Legend->Epic
4. CAP
CAP represents card advantage points:
Silver: 3
Golden: 4
Diamond: 5
Legend: 7
Epic: 9
CAP is also affected by card level.
5. Cooldown
Each card has its own cooldown time measured in seconds Unit Spell cards activate immediately when cooldown
reaches 0. Trigger cards will enter a ready state a rotating rune effect appear on top of it] when cooldown reaches 0. Once inn ready state, it will activate any time if the condition is met. After card activates, the countdown will start over.

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