Wednesday, February 11, 2015

War Incorporated Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How does the Radar Jammer work?
The Radar Jammer protects you from enemy attacks by
scrambling the enemy radar signal and preventing your base
from showing up on their map. If your Radar Jammer time
expires or if you attack another player while the Jammer is
active, the Radar Jammer will be deactivated and you will then
be vulnerable to enemy attacks. Anytime an enemy player
attacks your base and wins a single star at minimum, your
Radar Jammer gets activated, and you will then be given
protection from further attacks and time to recover. You can
purchase a longer duration jammer from the Specials section in
the Market as well.

What happens to my base when someone attacks me?
Enemy Commanders cannot attack you while you are playing
the game and are online. However, when you go offline (close
the game) while your Radar Jammer is inactive, you become
vulnerable to enemy attacks. When an enemy attacks you, they
steal a percentage of your resources and deal damage to your
base. Them more damage they deal, the more medals they win
from you. Your damaged buildings automatically repair
immediately after you login (our scientists have researched
nano-bot repair boostsl).

How many resources can people steal from me?
Generally, higher level players can steal lesser resources from
you and lower level players can steal more resources to allow
for fair balancing, but these will always be a small percentage
of your overall resources. Both your Harvesters.~'Oil Rigs as well
as your SiloslDepots store resources. Your Harvesters and Oil
Rigs are not as well protected as your Silos and Depots, and
therefore are more vulnerable to being pillaged. Collect your
resources frequently to transfer them to your Silos and Depots
to keep them protected.

Can I control my units after I deploy them?
Remember The Matrix? All things have a purpose? That's how
units in War Inc. are designed - they behave autonomously on
the battlefield but with a purpose. Check out the unit info in
their respective building menus to see what each unit's
specialty is and why you would pick one over the other to
accomplish a specific task in battle. For example, Nlechs are
designed to soak up damage from Towers, Harvesters are
designed to siphon resources at an alarming rate, and
Demolition Bots are designed to do one thing - blow up walls!
Similarly, different towers have different behaviors on the
battlefield, so make sure you check out their info and learn how
to play against different base setups.

What is War Scrap and why does it appear?
The constant battles that take place on your base result in War
Scrap being generated overtime. You can salvage this scrap to
get some much-needed fuel and, with some luck, find some
precious Fusion Cells from within. This incremental Fusion can
help you boost your unit production to get into multiple back to
back battles.

How does power work in the game?
You need power to upgrade just about anything on your base
Initially, you have a lot of power available by the default Hydro
Dam next to which the base is built, but you will eventually
need to create power sources (Thermal and Nuclear Power
Plants) to fuel your base growth and development. In particular
a few special buildings like the Tesla Tower and the Shield
Generator require a lot of power to be operational, so choose
wisely when upgrading your base to make sure you have
enough power to dish out the pain when someone comes
knocking on your base!

What is the Drill mode’?
Once you've setup your base, you might want to see what it
would be like to attack your own base to expose any flaws in
your defense. Our engineers have put together a holographic
recreation of your base to allow you to attack your own base in
this simulation to see how your defenses hold up. Don't worry,
you won't lose any units or any resources when attacking your
base hologram during Drill mode.

How do building upgrades work?
To upgrade buildings, you need to have a free Construction Bot
available. You can click the building and tap the Upgrade button
and -- provided you have the required resources and power --
the upgrade should begin immediately. Upgrades are locked
based on the level of your Command Center. Make sure you
level up your Command Center frequently to unlock powerful
buildings and upgrade levels for your towers and walls. Keep in
mind though that core building functionality such as towers,
Harvesters and Oil Rigs is disabled while the building is being

How does the medal system work?
We match you up against players in the same medal range as
you are. When you win a battle (whether when attacking or
when defending) you get medals from that victory. If you win
against a tougher player (that is, a player with more medals than
you), then we award you with more medals than if you were to
win against a weaker player, for example. Destroying your
opponents base to 100% gives you the most medals for that

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