Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Cricket Career Big Innings Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

The Camera will rotate whenever you face a delivery.
While the camera is rotating, you can touch anywhere on the screen and decided where you want to place your shot.
There is a time limit for facing a shot, which is represented by the timer bar on top.
By touching on the top part of the screen you can attempt to play an aerial shot.
By touching anywhere on the field you can play a gorund shot.
After deciding where to play the shot, you will face a delivery with which you have to make contact.
As the delivery comes closer to the screen, you have to swipe through the ball.
The best possible result comes from perfectly swiping through the middle of the oncoming ball.
Alternatively you can tap on the ball to make contact.
At the start of the bowling minigame the camera will zoom onto the pitch.
Tap on the screen to indicate where to pitch the ball.
Slide accross the pitch to swing the ball.
Release the tap when the ball enters the green zone.
Releasing the tap at the center of the green zone yields optimal result.
Not releasing within the green zone results a no ball.
During catch events the ball will fly towards your player.
Don't tap when indicator is red. Wait a little longer! Yellow = 50/50% chance. Tap when the indicator is green.
Tap anywhere on the screen when the target icon is the smallest.
Throw before the player reaches the crease to run him out!

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