Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Freaky Heroes Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Gold: This is the most common currency in the game. You need gold to pump your skills, improve most of your mansion buildings and buy regular weapons and armor. There are plenty of ways to earn gold, such as:

You get up to 25% of your opponent's gold, depending on the difference between your and your opponent's level. You get more gold from stronger opponents and less from weaker ones.
You get 50 gold for each hour spent guarding from level 1-5. Every 5 levels, your salary increases.
You get 100 gold each hour from your mansion's gold mine after you reach level 4. The amount of gold you mine also increases from level 10 each 5 levels.
You earn gold from quest bosses, and from zombies in the arena. The higher your level, the more gold you get.
You can also win gold in the slot machine.
You can get some gold by selling unwanted junk to the merchant.
You can buy gold for mushroom at the mushroom dealer. The more you buy the less you pay for each one, as always.

Token: Token is required to play the slot machine or the fair minigames. One token allows you to play one game in the slot machine. If you win - you get the token back. There are plenty of ways to get token.

The most common way to get token is quests.
You can also steal some from a zombie in the arena.
The slot machine also has a small chance to give you a shiny token if you win.
You also get free token each time you level up.
Finally, mushroom dealer will exchange your purchased mushroom for token at the rate of 1 to 10. The dealer won't accept the mushroom you have mined in the cave or looted in arena.

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