Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Anime Studio Story Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

In this simulation game, you play the president of a studio that produces anime.
Try to make popular shows and characters, and eventually win the Anime Awards Grand Prize!

Game Flow
First, try hiring staff. You can earn money from the shows you make, but first you may want to do some subcontracting work to train your staff members while saving up.

Production Points
The number at the top right of the screen shows your Production Points.
You can earn them by creating shows or correcting poor quality scenes.
They are used for leveling up staff and for various challenges.

Things like subcontracting jobs and merchandising offers are added here.
Use them to get some extra income.

Creating Shows 1
First, select the station to broadcast on, the setting for the show, and the theme or themes to use. Certain combinations can boost a show's popularity.

Creating Shows 2
As the production begins, choose the main character.
Your characters’ personalities will change depending on the show, and may affect the merchandising offers you get.

Unlocking New Settings
As your staff go up in job level, you will discover new settings for your shows.

Unlocking New Themes
Depending on the kind of training you give your staff and the jobs they have, you may discover new themes.

Show Stats 1
The shows you produce will have various stats. A good story will help boost popularity, while good visuals will attract attention from hardcore anime fans.

Show Stats 2
Poor quality scenes can cause fan complaints. You can edit out such scenes, but you can also choose to broadcast without correcting them all.

Leveling Up Staff
You can use Production Points to level up staff members.
This increases their overall abilities and may lead to the discovery of new settings, but it also increases their salary.

Staff Stats 1
A basic stat needed for anime production. Higher drawing ability will result in better shows and higher ratings.

Staff Stats 2
Writing can help you discover more Production Points and help a staff member write a great story when assigned to direct a show.

Staff Stats 3
Taste, Sound
These influence a show's visuals and music.
For development 8. training. When gone, staff will go home

Staff: Jobs
Staff have jobs like animator or writer. Staff members’ jobs can affect show stats and may even let you discover new themes during training.

Staff: Changing Jobs
Use the Job Lab facility to let your staff members change jobs.
When you have mastered several jobs by reaching Lv. 5, you'll be able to try more advanced jobs.

Staff: Attitude
If a staff member has a poor attitude, it will take a long time for them to return after leaving the office.
Adding rented facilities may improve your staff members’ attitudes

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