Friday, January 16, 2015

INheritage: BoE Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

INheritage: BoE Guide

Slide to Move
Slide around the screen to move Nala.

Magic Core
Hit Box
Destroy incoming enemy while preventing your core from being hit by bullet or enemy.

Shield Bar
Nala has 3 shield. If she has no shield left, next hit will kill her

Magic Barrier Mode
slow down the time when the special attack bar has been full,
Nala can use a magic barrier to slow down time. in this mode, use gesture function to trigger special attack

White Fang!
Trigger Nala's “Thite Fang with gesture movement. Unlock more special attacks with unique gesture trigger.

Shielded Enemy
Some Yaksas are protected by mantra and make it invisible. It's useless to attack it until the barrier were lifted.

Energy orb
Some Yaksa will left a number of energy orb that can be absorbed by Nala. Get it, but watch your step!

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