Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Trouble With Robots Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Watch their health numbers and use this card when they need help.

The display in the top-left of the screen shows the vitals of your least healthy unit.

Magic wand: Each card you play needs one unit of power from it.

When you have enough power, summon both copies of elven archers.

Before you start the level you need to build a 'deck' by choosing five cards to play with. Each wave you'll draw three of them at random.

Look for cards that work well together. for example. if you're playing 'Cactician' you should play it with other cards that summon elves or centaurs, as they will also benefit from it's bonus.

Adjust your strategy according to the length of the level and the types of enemies in it. The deck builder screen has a panel showing this information.

You get a star every time you complete a wave without losing any units. Collecting stars will unlock new cards to play with. If you get stuck. try playing with ct completely different deck and see  if your luck changes.

On medium and hard difficulties there are more enemies and some are more dangerous. You get a star multiplier of x2 on medium and x3 on hard.

Challenge levels are particularly tough. but they always count as hard so you should earn lots of stars whether you win or not!

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