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Bruce Lee: Enter The Game Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game Hibernum Creations

Tap and hold down to the left of Bruce to walk to the left.
Tap and hold down to the right of Bruce to walk to the right.
Strikes are performed with short swipes.
Swipe horizontally to perform a mid strike.
Swipe in an upward diagonal to perform a high strike.
Swipe in an downward diagonal to perform a low strike.
Tip: The direction of the swipe determines the direction of the strike.

Upgrades: The difficulty will increase with each scene. Use upgrades to improve Bruce's attributes and stay on top of the situation.

Boosts: Boosts are one-time bonuses you can use to gain an edge on your opponents

The Coin Multiplier increases faster by alternating between enemies

Fury:This is the Fury meter. It fills up by hitting enemies

Combo and Fury work together like this: the higher the combo count is the faster the Fury meter builds up.

You can activate Fury by tapping the meter once its full.

When Fury is activated, Bruce becomes temporarily faster and more powerful.

Counter-Attacks: Enemies can also be countered. They can be struck just as they are about to attack.

Counters are done by performing the swipe displayed above an enemy's head.

Always keep your eyes open for counter opportunities.

When you're hit, your Coin Multiplier decreases!

Dash: Dashing is a great way to get out of sticky situations fast.

Tip: You can perform strikes while jumping

The Coin Multiplier increases taster with special attacks

Every scene features a specific challenge that's worth an extra star

Perform attacks in quick succession to fill it and increase its value.

Running out of health? Don't worry, you can always use Jade to continue.

Any purchase will remove ads forever!

Special Attacks are performed by swiping then holding down before releasing.

Tip: Special attacks are key to defeating the more difficult opponents.

FULL FURY gives you a full Fury meter at the start of a scene

Put on new outfits to get some slamming upgrades!

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game Lives Cheat: Change your device time and go back to the app to get full lives!

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