Wednesday, December 17, 2014

MonsterVale 2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

MonsterVale 2 Guide

When Monsters work in Habitats, they generate gold Monsters with higher level can produce more. When gold stored reaches the Habitat gold capacity, production will stop!

You need to collect gold from time to time, or you will lose a lot of money! Now tap to collect the gold produced by Dark Habitat

Monsters with a higher level will produce gold faster and their combat performances will improve. Therefore we need to level up Monsters as quickly as possible.

We can feed Monsters when there's food in stock! We'll see the Monsters growing when we feed them! It's good
to watch a Monster power rising!

When a Monster eats too much, it needs some time to digest. You may spend diamonds to make it digest immediately, then you can go on feeding.

Food is the fundamental resource to level up Monsters. Our need for food grows as more and stronger Monsters

Maneuvering is simple, which means putting Monsters into your formation, also known as your Dispatch Platform. Only those Monsters in the formation will fight in combats.

There are lots of Monsters out there in Elven Mountains ,which is a good place for beginners to practice, since the levels of these Monsters are low!

The magic power in Monsters are mainly coming from the magic crystal inside of their body! Magic crystals
contain a huge magic power, which can help you in your future training!

It seems that you were pushed to limit in the last combat! Without improving your power, you won't win in the future! Time for new tactics!

Every Monster has a high combat talent, and Monster's combat strength will increase a lot along with the upgrade of its’ talent!

Talent is the main element of Monsters’ combat power don't forget to upgrade the talents of Monsters every time you upgrade your Monsters! Only by this way can your formation get stronger!