Friday, December 5, 2014

MARVEL Contest of Champions Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Best Played with both hands.
Light Attack: Tap on the right.
Medium Attack: Swipe right.
Block: Tap + Hold on left.
Heavy Attack: Tap + Hold on right.
Dodge: Swipe Left

If your opponent is blocking! break his block with a heavy attack!
Remember to Block! Blocking significantly reduces incoming damage.

There are two techniques you can use to increase your mobility in combat: DODGE and DASH.

You can DODGE to AVOID enemy attacks and DASH to INITIATE an attack from a distance.

Use units to purchase Champion Crystals from the Collector's Vault!

In Quests, Gates block paths to greater rewards. You'll need to have the right Champion in your team to unlock chem

Collector's CRYSTAL VAULT: Here you can purchase and open CRYSTALS containing CHAMPIONS.

Some stats like Critical Rate, are only increased by ranking up your Champion.

Some Champions‘attacks can Stun their opponents, rendering them unable to attack, block, or even move!

The Contest grants Mutant Champions a Class Bonus against Science.

GOLD is used to UPGRADE your champions.

Collecting XP will raise your SUMMONER LEVEL

Each Champion Class is strong against another. Choose Class match-ups that give your Champions the advantage!

The Stash gift's and excess inventory items Be sure to collect them before they expire!

Mix Light and Medium Attacks to create Combos!

Watch out! If your opponent has a Class Bonus, you also receive a penalty

If one of your Champions is knocked out in a fight, use a Revive Potion to get them back on their feet!

In Quests, Potions and Revives can be used as soon as you find them!

Some Special Attacks can trigger powerful Status Effects that-give you the edge in the fight!

Some Champions have the ability to Regenerate their Health during a fight.

Champions can activate Synergy Bonuses by teaming up with friends, teammates, rivals. and mare!

Fully explore each Quest to receive bonus loot!

Class ISO-B is more effective when used an a Champion cf the same Class

You can infuse ISO-B into a champion to UPGRADE their LEVEL!

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