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Island Raiders Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Island Raiders: War of Legends Guide

In the City Builder why do some
structures show up red with an
exclamation mark?
According to the game rules, our
buildings need to join with roads and the
main city. The link rules say that roads
must touch at least one building space
on one side, and the main city on the
other side. The exclamation point
reminds players that this building is not
joined with the city. Unlinked sturctures
will have normal functions, but HP is
only 10% that of the linked structures.

How do I build more structures?
Upgrading the Tribal Hall will unlock
more structures. Then in the editing
interface you can choose structures.

How come Building Editor doesn't
show roads?
When editing roads, please take note of
the road limitations in the upper left of
the screen. Every level base camp has a
limited amount of roads.

Can decorations act as defense?
Players can buy decorations in the Store
to make their houses look nicer, but
decorations have no HP and don't
provide defensive abilities. When
enemies attack, they won't attack
players‘ decorations.

Why can't I upgrade structures?
Click the structure you want to upgrade
and check the requirements for upgrade
on the interface.
If you don't meet the requirements, it will
be indicated in red.
Necessary conditions for upgrading
1: Resources
2: Upgrade other structures to a certain
3: After Lv.20, upgrades need a certain
amount of Powerful Screws

How do I make equipment?
1: Collect enough materials
2: Forge equipment in the Forge

There are many ways of obtaining
materials, as listed below:
1 : When making decorations in the city,
they will provide materials for you
2: Click on the treasure chest in the lower
right corner for a chance to get materials
3: Enter a PVP or PVE battle to pick up
randomly dropped materials
4: Disassemble eqiupment to get some

How do I train soldiers and
arrange them for heroes?
Click the flagpole and select a hero on
the battle array interface to train the
hero's soldiers.

How do I change deployed Heroes?
First, enlist another in the Tavern. Then
swith the deployed hero you want on the
battle array interface.

How do I upgrade my
strengthl level? Where can I check
my stats?
There are two ways to boost a player's
1: Upgrade each structure
2: Upgrade stars and attributes of heros
The player's level will be displayed at the
top left corner. Click the icon to show

How do I allocate the Hero's
1: Every time you upgrade in the Tavern,
you will get some beer. Beer can be used
to learn Hero Skills.
2: In the Hero's Skill list, you can select
necessary skills. The selected skill will
be allocated to the Skill Chart to the
Hero's right and can be used in combat.

What specialties does the Gunner
Ruby have?
This hero is quick and agile with good
attack range. The skill Rush lets her
quickly assist troops and destroy turrets
while soldiers take turret damage for her.
However, this skill is pretty weak. Only a
Bandage Skill can restore HP, even
though doing this could expose her to
enemy fire, and she dies quickly in battle.
This Hero is usually accompanied by
Hammermen or Smashers to endure
turret damage. All her power goes to
destroying defense mechanisms. Once
the enemy's defense mechanisms have
been exhausted, our troops can wantonly
plunder at their pleasure.

What specialties does the Savage
Olaf have?
Savages use their high HP to push
artillerary into the gut of the enemy. They
use AOE skills to destroy enemy
structures, while also using their
summoning skill to round up troops to
strike together against one target and
quickly destroy it. Under normal
circumstances, Savages will choose
troops with high attack power, like the
axwomen. In battle, make the savage go
absorb enemy fire while also doing area
damage to enemy defenses and have
your other troops follow behind him with
all their strength, wiping clean everything
in their path.

What specialties does Shamanist
Tahoma have?
Every single Shamanist Tahoma skill is
very powerful, and he can place himself
in the middle of troops to heal them. He
can summon a skeleton totem to protect
troops for 3 seconds. It can also freeze
enemy turrets for 8 seconds. This
shaman is the most kick-ass hero. Even
though his DPS isn't very high, the troops
that accompany him have profound
impact. During battle, the shaman can
control enemy turrents. When the troops
are facing high damage, he uses
invincibility or recovery, which makes for
an easy victory. However, while deployed
in battle each hero can only use three
skills. You will have to consider your own
troops and battle strategy when making
this decision.

How do I Increase the Hero's
Troop capacity?
In the training hall, increasing the star
level of your Hero or increasing the
attribute "Increase Troops" will let you
take more troops into battle.

How do I strengthen the Hero and
1: In the training hall , you can upgrade
the basic attributes and star level of the
heroes and the soldiers.
2: Equipment not only increases the
hero's attributes, some equipemnt can
also strengthen soldiers.

What specialties do the four kinds
of troops have?
Players can enlist troops in the training
hall. However it is worth nothing that
players can only allocate troops for the
Hero. You also must consider the
number of troops you can bring and how
to pair troops. Currently there are four
different kinds of troops.
Basher: beginner troop, decent HP,
usually placed at the front to absorb
Huntress: long-range attack, can be sent
out as a human shield for the hero;
Smasher: The Charriot uses 5 soldier
slots and is pretty durable. It can also
choose specific enemy turrets to take
out first. Usually used with DPS hero to
protect him.
Dasher: A super fast rat that can directly
plunder enemy's resources. If used
alongside the shaman, a huge wave of
rats will rob the enemy's defenses until
they cannot counterattack. They can rob
the enemy's stores in one fell swoop.

How do I start a battle?
1: Enter the game's world map
2: Choose level or PVP and check out the
enemy's town.
3. Select a battlefield bigger than 3*3,
place troops in the portal, and start the

How do I check the Battle Report
and Battle Replay?
Click the mail icon on the middle right
side of the screen to open up the
description. Inside, you can view the
attack and defense battle report and
watch the Battle Replay.

After being attacked, what do I do
with burned structures?
1: Use Powerful Screws to repair
2: Consume resources and time to repair,
you can also ask the Tribal Hall for help
on repairs

Why is my Tribal Hall's HP so
Tribal hall controls the total number of
town buildings. All buildings need tojoin
with the Tribal Hall via roads, or the HP is
only 10% of the linked ones. Upgrade
your Tribal hall to unlock new structures.

What bonuses can I get in PVE
Players need to challenge 7 islands in
PVE battles and each island consists of
10 levels. There are 70 PVE levels in
Besides ores and cheese, you also have
a chance to win some special equipment
when you defeat the computer. Every
hero has his or her unique equipment.
Ruby can maximize her HP with the
equipment and Olaf can increase his
attack power. Unique equipment not
only makes up for heroes’ weak
attributes, but also provides them with
other specialities. They may increase the
chance to evade attacks and become
immune to freezing.

What bonus can I get in PVP
Players can challenge comparable
opponents in the world map and snatch
their resources. The winner will gain
some trophy points. High rank players
will be shown on the leaderboard. On the
other hand, you will lose points if you
fail. Use your strategy wisely when you
decide to attack!
Players or alliances will be on our
leaderboard once they achieve a certain
strength level. Challenge other players
and show your true power!

How do I place troops in battle?
After confirming where to place troops,
click the troop icon at the bottom left
corner of the screen. The corresponding
troops will rush into battle.

How can I get beer ?
1: A certain amount of beer will be
provided when you upgrade your tavern
2: You may get beer when you upgrade
the brewing level of your community

How can I get resources?
Normally, you can gain resources by
launching attacks or via industrial
production. You can also get resources
through quest rewards.

How do I enhance my
strengthl level up? Where can I
check my status?
There are two ways to boost player's
1: Upgrade each structure
2: Upgrade stats and attributes of heros
Player's level will be displayed at the
upper left corner. Click the icon to show

How do I get materials?
There are many ways of obtaining
materials, as listed below:
1: Click on the treasure chest in the lower
right corner for a chance to get materials
2: Enter a PVP or PVE battle to pick up
randomly dropped materials
3 : You can also get materials when you
dimantle your equipment

Why can't I upgrade star level or
Similar to construction upgrades, certain
conditions are required if you want to
upgrade star level or attributes.
1: Your basic attributes need to be at a
certain level.
2: Training hall level is high enough
3. Enough resources
You can view these conditions in the
upgrade menu

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