Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kinectimals Unleashed Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tap your pet to get its attention!
Stroke the pet carefully to make it happy, and repeat the motion where it likes it best.
Be careful not to touch sensitive areas such as its face or feet.

Playing any games with your pet will net you Experience Points (XP).
The higher your pet stats, the more XP you will earn!
Collect enough XP and your trainer level will rise.
Can you become a Master Trainer?

Every so often you'll see coins appear after
your pet performs a number of successful actions.
Grab the coins by tapping on them and use them to buy new gear in the shop.
Don't worry if you miss a coin! We'll give it to you anyway.
But there is a bonus to the amount of coins you'll get if you do it yourself!

Each location has u number of unique challenges for you to try and beat!
Before you can attempt a challenge, you will need to buy the correct toy from the shop.

Free Play
Choose the shipping rope, volley ball, catch ball, agility course, and flying disc to play with your pet, earning XP and coins.
Different activities favor different stats for earning XP. Try to learn which stats give you the most XP in each activity!
You can find out what Free Play activities are available at a location by tapping it once

Trainer Stats
Check your progress with the Trainer Stats screen.
See your current rank, and check how many challenges you have rank and check
how many challenges you have completed.

Pet Stats
When your pet eats, drinks, or is cleaned, their Strength, Stamina, and Charm increase (unless they are extremely hungry, thirsty, or dirty).
Better-quality items will increase the stats more and keep your pet satisfied for longer. You will get more XP and You will get more XP and Coins from pets with higher stats.

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