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Conquer Online Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Though weak in ranged or group attacks, and suffering from low HP and weak defense skills, Ninjas are experts in a wealth of powerful melee attack skills.

Trojans are all-out offensive melee attackers. Wielding two-handed weapons, they are unparalleled in either one-on-one fights or group attacks. However, they need
time and effort to reach their goals.

You can be a water or fire taoist when promoted at level 40. The fire taoist is the most dangerous magic using class, learning devastating spells and causing more damage than other taoists. The water taoist can study spells that heal, cure or revive others, having lower requirements for many quests (such as rebirth).

The warrior is a rough and ready melee combat class. They are adept in the use of all kinds of weapons and can put on the heaviest armors of any class. In addition they can use shields for additional defense.

Nobody knows where these mysterious pirates come from. Rapiers and pistols are their favorites. Once targets are locked on, they will never fail. Experience helps them grab more stuffs from enemies, but only half PK points will be received.

The Archer is capable of engaging multiple targets, at range. Because of their remarkable hunting skills, the Archer is known as the Great Reaper of Monsters.
Once equipped with the agile Throwing Knives, the Archer can transform into an Oriental Assassin, enhancing their hidden gift for swift and Powerful attacks.

Through intense martial arts training, the Monk and Saint can deal devastating damage to their opponents. Through meditation and contemplation, they can also call upon the gods to bless their allies.

You‘ll receive bonus EXP when slaying monsters in a team lf there is a new player in the team, the team leader will receive Virtue Points when that player levels up.

Upgrade Level/Quality
Upgrading level/quality will improve the attributes of your equipment.

Gems Embed
Embedding gems on the equipment with socket will bring bonus effects to your equipment.

Refine Stabilize
You can make a temporary refinery state permanent with the Permanent Stones.

Purify equipment into Artifacts to increase your attributes.

The blessed equipment can reduce the damage taken from enemy attacks.

Enchanting your equipment with gems will bring you extra HP.

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