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Clash of Mafias Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Q : How do I buy Crystals?
A : Tap the Shopping Cart at the bottom-left corner of the main page to access the Mall. Select the amount of Crystals you wish to buy and you’ll be guided to our payment confirmation page. To avoid any scams, please don’t buy Crystals from websites or individuals not sanctioned by IGG.

Q : What is Protection?
A : Buying Protection will guard your base from all attacks for a period of time. If an opponent attacks and defeats you, you’ll be granted up to 10 hrs of Protection depending on the percentage of your base that was destroyed. Protection will be removed when the timer runs out or if you attack another player. You can buy Protection from the Mall.

Q : What happens if I am not under Protection?
A : If you are offline and not under Protection, you may be attacked by other players. If your opponent wins the battle, you’ll lose a portion of your resources. Build defenses and lay out traps to guard your base!

Q : How do I upgrade buildings?
A : Select the building of your choice and tap the Upgrade button to upgrade it. Upgrading your Headquarters unlocks new buildings and also increases the number of buildings you can build. When a resource building is being upgraded, it will stop producing resources until the upgrade is complete. Similarly, defense buildings will not attack enemies when being upgraded.

Q : What are Techs?
A :  Techs are special skills that you can use in battle. Launch a nuke, fire a signal flare, or heal your allies on the go! To unlock Techs, upgrade your Headquarters to Lv 7. Then defeat the Area Boss to unlock the Arsenal.

Q : What happens to my Bosses and Henchmen after a battle?
A : After a battle, any surviving Henchmen will return to base with their Bosses. Defeated Bosses will be revived after a period of time while defeated Henchmen will disappear and must be rehired. There is a limit to the number of Bosses and Henchmen you can bring into battle. Mix-and-match your Bosses and Henchmen to overpower your opponents!

Q : What are Bosses?
A : Bosses are stronger combat units that lead regular Henchmen in battle. There are more than 20 different Bosses that you can hire, each of them possessing unique abilities that can turn the tide of battle. There are four levels of Caliber for Bosses - Green, Blue, Purple and Orange, with Orange being the strongest. Level up your Bosses by sending them into battle or consuming EXP items. After every 20 levels, your Boss won’t gain any more EXP until the level cap is unlocked by fulfilling certain conditions.

Q : Can Bosses and Henchmen be controlled in battle?
A : Once they enter battle, they’ll move and attack on their own. Some have preferred targets, e.g. Goons will target resource buildings first. Check “My Bosses” for more information. Use the Signal Flare Tech from the Arsenal to direct them to a specific location.

Q : How do I expand my base?
A : Look for an lit-up, occupied space and challenge the Area Boss there. Winning will unlock that space and the buildings within it. Upgrade your Headquarters to make more areas available for challenges.

Q : How do I participate in the Pits?
A : To unlock the Pits, upgrade your Headquarters and challenge the Area Boss to unlock the space containing this building. After unlocking the Pits, you can battle against other players.

Q : How do I participate in Turf Wars?
A : On the main page, tap the green location marker on the bottom-left corner to enter Turf Wars. Zones will be covered in fog until you spend gold to remove the fog. As the fog lifts, it reveals Turfs within the Zone for you to occupy.

Q : What is trap research? How do I do it?
A : Trap research is a vital part of creating your defenses. This is where you can upgrade traps like Manholes, Hydrants, and Doghouses. To access this function, upgrade your Headquarters to Lv 8 and unlock the Research building.

Q : How to obtain Gold?
A : Underground Banks generate Gold. You’ll be given one upon starting Clash of Mafias. As your base expands, more Gold-generating buildings like the Nightclub and Casino will unloock. You can also get more Gold by purchase them with Crystals or raiding other bases.

Q: How to obtain Shots?
A:Shots Factories generate Shots. You’ll be given to you upon starting Clash of Mafias. As your base expands, more Shots Factories will unlock. To get more Shots, you can buy them with Crystals or steal them by raiding other bases.

Q : What is that construction worker icon? How do I increase it?
A : The icon represents the number of workers available to construct or upgrade buildings. The more workers there are, the more buildings can be worked on at the same time. Tap “+” next to the worker icon to buy more workers with Crystals.

Q : What is Stamina used for? How do I regain Stamina?
A : The lightning icon on the top-right corner indicates how much Stamina you have. Five Stamina is needed to start a raid. One Stamina is restored every 5 minutes, up to a maximum of 100. Tap “+” next to the lightning icon to buy Stamina with Crystals.

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