Thursday, December 11, 2014

Platypus Evolution Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

In Platypus game, you need to combine the two same Platypus to create a new Platypus.
This is similar with 2048. At first you need to combine two "2" to create 4, you need to combine two "4" to create 8, so on and so fort.

Shop Guide
Use the "2048 Rule" when upgrading your Platypus to maximize your income capability and to avoid impulse buying of Platypus.

I will use first 4 platypus for this guide:

Platypsy Cost: 2.5 Mil
Billwheel Cost: 5.1 Mil
Plit-Plat Cost: 10.8 Mil
Platipair Cost: 22.8 Mil

The example above is using the 2048 rule. Your last Platypus should have a value twice of its previous Platypus.

It should be like this

Platypsy Cost = Platypsy Cost
Billwheel Cost =  Platypsy Cost + Platypsy Cost
Plit-Plat Cost = Billwheel Cost + Billwheel Cost
Platipair Cost = Plit-Plat Cost + Plit-Plat Cost

If you are using the 2048 rule, just buy the last Platypus up to the first Platypus in exact order.
You may question why we need to buy the first Platypsy when it doesn't actualy help if you have millions/billions or more
The 2048 buying rule will make your Platypsy Cost efficient.

(1) Platypsy Cost: 2.8 Mil
(2) Billwheel
(4) Plit-Plat
(8) Platipair Cost: 22.8 Mil

The value of Platypsy is 1, so you need to buy 8 Platypsy to create Platypair right?
8x 2.8 Mil = 20 Mil Just cheaper compared to 22.8 Mil Cost. However you don't need to buy it eight times, just buy it according to the 2048 rule for cost efficiency.

Platypus Evolution Cheat
Just increase your time of your device according to your tractor maximum time collection.

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