Thursday, November 13, 2014

Gun Shot Champion Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Aim Method
Start by dragging the screen to aim.
Align the aiming point on the target, the gun is fired when you release the screen.

Bulls Eye
When you hit the red region of the target, you get a high score with the bullseye judges.

Bullseye Combo
Continuously hit the bullseye, bullseye combo increases.
Scores will increase once you get depending on the combo is raised.

Double/ Triple break
Knock rolled several sheets of glass breaking, you get a high score.
Earned points = base points x rolled breaking glass.

Item: Bomb
Breaks all the targets in the screen.

Item: Speedloader
Get a speed loader.

Item: 2X
You get double score for 10 seconds.

If you use all the bullets in the chamber, it will be reloading.
In this case, you can not fire.

Speed Loader
Speed loader allows the reload time removing.
You can purchase up to three speed loader before the start of the round.

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