Thursday, November 13, 2014

Crusaders Quest Guide Cheats - Skills Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Skill Lab
Collect more heroes to unlock new skills!
You can transfer many different special skills at the skill lab.

Skill Attack Type
Physical DMG Type is effective against resist magic DMG
Magic DMG is effective resists physical DMG
All skills have either physical or magic damage.

Other Tips

  • If you use a skill block, the hero with the skill performs a special attack, 
  • Chain up to 2 or 3 blocks to pop simultaneously. Longer chains unleash stronger skills.
  • A hero falls when his/her HP becomes 0. You lose the game when all the heroes have fallen
  • Before adding someone to a party, check the hero's info. This will be helpful when making a party.
  • You can also equip the heroes with weapons, making them stronger.
  • In order to equip weapons, you need a place that specializes in weapons.
  • If the member reached its max level, it can be promoted after completing training
  • During training, a lot of meals will be needed. Food can be obtained when the stage is done
  • Honor is needed for promotion
  • There are various ways to gain honor but they are never easy.
  • Heroes of rank 3 or higher learn special skills
  • In order to raise or unlock skill levels, you need to meet its conditions.
  • And if there's Great Success when learning a skill a skill of a higher level is learnt.
  • When heroes of rank 3 or higher use skill blocks the SP gauge fills up,
  • When the SP gauge is fully filled, special skill blocks can be created!
  • Special blocks created! With strong, varying abilities, these do not connect like normal blocks

Changes in Skills upon Promoting
2 Stars = Normal
3 Stars = Special Skill Transferable
4 Stars = Block Skill Enhanced. Unlock Passive
5 Stars = Higher Special Skill Transferable
6 Stars = Block Skill Enhanced. Passive Upgrade

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