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Darkness Reborn Guide Cheats - Skill Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game


The warrior uses a spear and shield. ‘Well-balanced d in both ATK and DEF Use as a guard to protect allies.
The ninja uses a sword. Strong ATK, but low HP. Uses Clone and Conceal.
Devil Hunter
Coming Soon


  • You can learn new skills the more you level up
  • Attack skills are ideal for facing multiple enemies.
  • While the skill is in use, you enter the Super Armor state and receive no damage
  • Warrior's Evade Skill: Used right, you can evade the attack of monsters without damage
  • If you use Evade at the right time, you can avoid the enemy's attack without receiving damage. The cooldown isn't long, so practice and use it often.
  • Attack skills are useful for facing multiple enemies at once. The Super Armor state will be activated, and you won't receive damage from most attacks.
  • Ultimate skill: It is the skill with the most powerful attack.
  • You will become invincible while using the Ultimate skill, You'll enter a that blocks all attacks from enemies, except from bosses.
  • Special skills are skills with special effects. Details can be found in the skill explanations
  • Passive skills are applied automatically once they are learned

  • The Inventory will be marked with a red exclamation point (!) when you acquire new equipment.
  • Before swapping out equipment, check how the new equipment will affect the stats under ‘Hero Info‘ on the left.


  • You will fill with Rage while battling monsters
  • Once you enter Rage mode, ‘Attack, ‘Attack Speed’, and ‘Speed’ will increase and your basic attack will be strengthened and can be used for powerful additional attacks."
  • You'll become empowered and enter the ‘Super Armor‘ state that blocks all monsters’ attacks temporarily.


  • If you choose "Hard" from the ‘Select Difficulty‘ option, you will face stronger enemies but also receive better equipment and more EXP.
  • The noted level next to the difficulty mode is the ‘Recommended Level,‘ so choose the right stage for your hero and accumulate more EXP.
  • Keep in mind that you can receive a special reward for accomplishing challenges

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