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Battle of Gods VS Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Team Lv
Your Lv is the Team's Lv. It determines the maximum of
your Heroes Lv and Gear Lv. Your Heroes cannot exceed
Team Lv x4. (Example: if your Lv is 25, your Heroes’ Lv
limit is 100.) Gear Lv cannot exceed your Lv x3.

Team Fame
Collect Team Fame to Level up. You can obtain Team
Fame from Journey fights and the Arena.

In-game currency. Mainly used to draw Cards, upgrade
Gear and merge Skills

Obtained by purchasing or obtained from events. Used
for calling high grade Heroes and to get special items.

Spent in Journey battles. You can recover 1 point every
half hour.

Spent in Arena battles. You can recover 1 point every
half hour.

VIP has 13 levels. Higher levels enjoy more benefits.
Purchase more to level up. You can view all benefits
when selecting BUY from the main screen.

Hero Lv
Hero Lv determines a Hero's power. Better grade
Heroes get more power after leveling up.

Hero Exp
Gain Hero Exp from Journey battles and Arena fights to
upgrade your Hero's Lv.

Hero Grade
There are 4 Grades: S, A, B and C. S is the best. Higher
Grade Heroes have better stats.

Hero Souls
You cannot have the same Hero twice. You can collect
Souls to revive a Hero. Higher grade Heroes need more

Hero's HP. Basic Stat: when it reaches 0, you're dead.

Hero's Attack. Basic Stat: determines the damage dealt
to enemy.

Hero's Defense. Basic Stat: determines protection
against damage.

Hero's Spirit. Basic Stat: determines the damage
amount of skills.

Any relationship between Heroes, Gear or Skills can
increase stats.

Weapons, Armor and Extras that enhance Heroes‘ ATK
DEF and HP. Divided into 4 Grades: S, A, B and C.

There are 4 Grades: S, A, B and C. S 8. A Skills will have
special effects during fights. Some skills can increase
stats. Every Hero will have 1 skill of its own and 2 skills
that can be learned.

Normal Round
The first 2 rounds of a battle is ‘I VS 1. Every Hero fights
his opponent. Round 2 will start when there is no winner
after 5 turns- If there is no winner after Round 2, the
fight enters the Final Round.

Final Round
In the Final Round, Spirit & HP will be matched between
opponents. When Spirit runs out, HP will be used. When
HP runs out, the winner is known.

Here you can call Heroes and buy special items.

During your Journey, you'll encounter different enemies.
Fight battles to win EXP, Zeni and Items. You can use
Gammets to clear the Battle Count limit.

Join Arena fights to increase your ranking and win

Train - Steal
After you get a Skill Shard, you can steal other Shards to
create a whole Skill. Select {Steal} to get more Shards (1
battle consumes Energy x1)

You can add friends or take revenge on your enemies.

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