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Arcane Quest 2 RPG Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Mode Selection: Normal
Dead heroes resurrect each time you enter the dungeon. Unlimited saves per dungeon.

Mode Selection: Hardcore
Dead heroes cannot resurrect until the end of the quest. maximum 5 saves per dungeon Small XP and gold bonus.

Please remember; You are allowed to access the world map. the city hub and the weapons and spells merchants only between quests. Once you have accepted a quest. you can only change your equipped items. but you cannot buy or sell them. You can pick your team members only at the beginning of a new quest.

Every turn. each of your heroes is allowed to move and perform one of the following actions:
- Attack an enemy
- Cast a spell
- Search the room for secrets and treasures
- Disarm a trap
- Search an item or chest
The small icons under the hero indicate if he can still move or perform an action.
During his turn, a hero can also use one item from his inventory. or pass it to a nearby ally.
Please note that you cannot stack the same item or spell effects on a single hero. The effect would be wasted.

Game controls:
- Single Tap: Select characters. move your heroes
- Double Tap; Perform an action
- Pinch to zoom the dungeon map
Use the on-screen buttons to perform further actions or to open the characters sheets.
Remember that you can move all your heroes at the same time. you don't need to wait for the movement to complete.

When you are close to an item. you can double tap on the icon to search it.
Chests usually contain better prizes than furniture, but you may also have a bad surprise!
If you are close to a visible trap, you can try to disarm it.
To disarm the trap. roll the special dice, and check the result;
- The trap is disarmed. and you receive a gold reward
- The trap exploded, your hero loses l health point
- Nothing happens
Remember that searching items and disarming traps cost one action. Your
hero won't be able to perform further actions during this turn.

In the character sheet, you can find useful information about the hero or monster.
Here you can find:
- Hero level and current XP points
- Current health. magic and movement points
- Attack and defense dice and special die effects
-  Inside the defense icon, you can see the base fixed defense amount

To perform an attack. both characters roll the dice. The number and color of the dice depend on each character's equipment. Count the number of swords for the attacker. and the number of shields for the defender. Add the base defense value to the defender result. The difference between the attack and defense results is the amount of
health points that the defender character will lose. Some weapons or armors allow gou to throws an additional special dice. Its effect is described in the equipment card. If the result of the special dice is a star. and if the attack/defense is successful, then the effect will be applied.

Each attack/defense dice has a specific color. which indicates its power. The most powerful dice are purple, then red. green and the yellow dice are the weakest.

Remember that items from the inventory are kept between different dungeons. but are lost when you start a new quest. Each hero can carry a limited amount of items. This limit can be increased by purchasing new belts at the blacksmith. If an allied hero is in an adjacent square. you will have the option to pass the item to him. or use it on yourself. Each turn. a hero can use or pass only one item. Beware when your inventory is full. if you search the room or chests you may lose the item you just found!

Some spells can only be casted on the hero himself. while others can be casted on allies or enemies.
The small icons on the left indicate:
- The magic points cost needed to cast the spell
- The number of times you can still cast this spell
Some items can recover your depleted spells during the game.

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