Sunday, November 30, 2014

Zeus Age Guide Cheats - Evolve Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

How to Advanced you hero?
You should equipped your hero with 6 equipment. Previous bonus stats from equipped doesn't carry on your advanced hero

How to get equipment for your heroes?
Tap the equip slot and you will see a list of stages that you can loot the item.
It is recommended to choose elite than normal stages because you can get a card of that specific boss.

What will happened if you advanced you're heroes?
Advanced hero will get new skills when they change rank colors. They will also get permanent stats that will increase it's hero quality.

How to evolve you're hero?
Collect the required number of cards of your chosen card. It will have a cost depending on how many stars it have.

How to get hero cards?
You can get hero cards in elite stages, rewards, redeems, sacrifice and etc.
You can get a new hero when you have required number of cards same as on how to evolve. However it is better to save those cards until you get the hero in sacrifice, rewards or expedition.
Because if you already got the hero and you just received a same hero, the same hero will only converted into 7 hero cards.

What will happened if you evolve you're heroes?
Same as advanced, except for the new skills.

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