Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monsters Clash Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

First you need to find the key on the battlefield to open the door.
Click on a grid where you want to move forward.
The count of skulls on the grid represents how dangerous it is.
You can get a lot of coins from the treasure box.
Every move costs 1 SP. After SP becomes 0, every move will cost HP.
Be careful to watch your SP count on bottom left bar.
The count of skulls means how dangerous it is, be careful to move.
Putting 2 or more panels with same color into one grid of the action board, then the attack will be triggered.

Attack Key Point

1.) Putting Panels with same color into one grid.
2.) Two or more panels with same color will trigger attack.
3.) One grid only takes 5 panels at most.

You can drag the panels to left or right to sort them.
You can collect red heart panels to recover the HP.
If the bottom card is flashing now, click it to evoke active skill.
Moving on the battlefield or fighting to enemies, after a certain rounds you can evoke active skill.
Different cards have different skills, so try to collect cards as more as possible.
The boost grid will ad 1.5 times more attack power and heal power.

Find the key, and defeat the boss, then you will succeed!

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