Thursday, October 2, 2014

Money Run Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Being a getaway driver
You are the ultimate getaway driver in the world of Money Fun. From
performing stunts in front of a movie camera to outrunning cope after a
successful heist. The words "Pull Over" aren't in your vocabulary. Earn money
by doing jobs causing mayhem jumping trains and other dangerous stunts.
You can also earn money by competing against other players to see who is
the best driver around! Use your money to buy better cars and upgrade the
cars you like best. You will also build a reputation based on how you perform
against other players. Let's see what you got!

Earning Money
Do jobs to earn money. You can visit the map to see what jobs are available
and from whom. As you do more jobs newer better-paying jobs will become
available. You can also earn money by stealing it from other players in vs.
mode. but remember, they can always attempt to get revenge and steal the
money back! Use your hard-earned money to buy new vehicles from Froth.

Getting new vehicles
To get new vehicles in Money Fun go to the Store and purchase anything
that has been unlocked. You can unlock more vehicles by earning more stars.
New vehicles cost Creds, which are earned through PVP

Car Level
Not all vehicles are created equal. The higher level cars have better starting
stats than lower level cars.
Your Garage
The Garage is your home base. la's where you store all of the ears you aren't
currently using on ion.

Upgrading Cars
Spend cash to upgrade individual stats on each car. Every car has 5
upgrades before maxing out. Once you max out most: or all of the stats it's
time to buy a new car.

When you destroy a car it sets off the combo meter. If you destroy another
car before the meter runs out you'll be on your way to a combo streak!
Starting at 5 every 10 combos gives you a weapon recharge and increases
the bonus cash you'll earn from destroying cars.

Sta rs
You need to earn at least one star on each stage in order to advance. The
stage requirements are: Combo Target Collect survival and Time. Pay
attention to the goals to make sure you complete the ion.

Whenever you start a ion you will amass some Frisk. If you perform too many
jobs too quickly you'll max out on Flick and have to lay low for a while before
you're able to attempt additional jobs.
PVP gives you the opportunity to show off your driving skills to your friends
and other players while earning tons of bonus cash and Fleputation points.
Choose your opponents and burn rubber! The only way you get to keep the
cash is to survive the run.

Reputation and Leaderboards
Reputation is what other drivers will judge you by. The more people you beat
in PVP the higher your rep. If you place below higher ranked players you will
lose rep.

Rerunning a challenge requires Gas. You'll be able to challenge other players
three times before your Gas will run out. Gas will refill automatically over

Temporary Parking and Item Storage
Newly-acquired vehicles will be temporarily stored in Temporary Parking or
Item Storage.

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