Tuesday, October 28, 2014

LINE POP2 Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Tips and Tricks to Getting High Scores

Actions in Order of Earnable Points
Match 5 > Match 4 > Match 3

・Get bonus points for eliminating special blocks!
・Get a higher score the more moves you have left when it's party time!
・Special blocks left over after clearing missions give even more points!
・You can also get points for eliminating obstacle blocks.
Bombs: 500 points
Honey: 20 points
Waffles: 20 points

Finally, and this goes without saying, you'll get a higer score for clearing more blocks with one move. In other words, higher combos gets you a higher score!
Get good, turn up the volume, and enjoy hearing "Excellent" again and again.

What do I do to gain high score?
Complete mission while trying to move the least times and acquire bonus score since the bonus score is counted based on the number of remaining moves.

What do I do to complete a level?
If you complete a mission within given moves you can complete a level. You can check the mission for each level when you start. There could be 'obstacle' blocks which hinders you from completing the mission in some levels.

What are the special blocks?
If you do match more than 4 blocks in given shape, a special block possessing a special effect will appear. Below is how to create the special block. If you cross those special blocks it will show even more special effect.

What is 'Party Time'?
The 'Party Time' is a special score given to the player as much as the remaining moves or special blocks when there still are moves or special blocks left after the player completes a mission.

What is Heart?
Heart is needed to play a level. Heart vanishes every time the player fails in a level. The player is allowed to have up to 5 Hearts and each one gets created on every 30-minute basis, only if there are less than 5 Hearts. However, if it is too boring to wait until the heart gets created, you can ask your friends or acquire them in store. You can exchange your Ruby into Heart only when there is none left for you.

What is Friend Coin?
- You can open locked levels or withdraw various items in oven with these Friend Coins.
   Below are the ways on how to acquire Friend Coins. There is a limit as to the number of Friend Coin that you can acquire daily.
* Attend every day
* Send Heart as gift
* Invite friend
* Boasting after beating friend's score & level

What is a booster item?
-It is an item that can help you to complete a mission by installing before the game starts or using while playing the game.

How do I unlock a chapter?
Locked chapter can be opened with Friend Coin or Ruby.

How can I get 'Move + 3'?
'Move + 3' can be achieved in oven or through friend.
 The pop up with which you can send and receive gifts with friends opens randomly.

What is Ruby?
Ruby is an in-game money which is exchangeable to Heart, item or Avatar. You can get Ruby in oven, event or through purchase.

Could I continue to play after failing in a level?
You can continue to play using Ruby.

How do I ask for Heart to a friend?
If you open up the Heart store by touching the + button of the Heart, tap on the 'Ask friend' icon on the bottom.

Ice is still unremoved.
Dark colored ice will disappear if you remove twice.

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