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Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Create your Orc village. Fortify your defenses, upgrade your attack and defense armies. Amass Heroes and command their minions to destroy other players. Join a guild and dominate the world!

Welcome to the world of Orcs vs. Knights! The aim of the game is domination, against other Orc players and also against the encroaching Humans. Key to our success will be levelling up, and collecting Heroes. Heroes have very special abilities and allow you to execute advanced tactics while in battle. Conquering the world is all about teamwork. Join a Guild, build your power and rise together in victory!

How do I control my troops?
When standard troops are deployed in the battle field their instincts take over and they will carry out their attacks automatically. Different troops prefer different targets and when placed into the battle will head for the closest target. You can read about all your troops and their preferred targets by selecting the info button on each troop type in the Barracks. Defense buildings also have preferred targets, so be sure to check the info of these and plan your attack accordingly.

How do I control my heroes?
Heroes are unique and an important part to any successful attack. Heroes have multiple commands they can issue during battle. When a Hero is placed in the battlefield they will begin to attack autonomously, however, by issuing a command players can control how the heroes, and their minions, attack. Once the hero is in battle their portrait will change to indicate the commands they have remaining. With the Hero selected tapping an enemy target will issue a command for the Heroes minions to focus that target. Once all commands have been exhausted the Hero and minions will continue to attack autonomously. Each Hero is unique and along with their minions have favourite targets. Visit the Hero post and check the info on each of the Heroes, to see how they function

Trophies are used to rank you among players globally. Winning battles
earn you trophies while losing a battle will lose you trophies. Trophies are
awarded for each skull earned. Earn 3 skulls to r'eceive the maximum amount of trophies for winning a battle.

There are 3 skulls to be earned during a battle. Each skull represents a different
milestone in the battle. One skull is earned by destroying 50% of the opponents
village, one for destroying the opponents town hall and the final skull for
defeating 100% of the opponents village.

When searching for multiplayer battles your Trophy rating is used to find
villages at a similar level to yourself.

Gems can be earned by playing the game, completing achievements and
competing in events. They are also available through in-app purchases. To purchase gems select the gems icon on the home screen or select the Shop button in the Menu. Ensure you have in-app purchases enabled in your device settings.

When a Shield is active a timer will display next to the shield icon in the home view, indicating the remaining time of the Shield. While a Shield is active your village is safe from attack by other players. If you choose to go out and attack other players during this time you will be asked to break your shield, doing so will remove it immediately.

Joining a Guild is an important part of expanding your village and conquering your enemies. You can join a guild by tapping the chat bar at the bottom of the home view, or by tapping Guild in the Menu. When in guild fellow members can donate additional troops for your battles as well as reduce the build time of your buildings and upgrades.

Completing quests earns rewards. Open the Quest screen through the menu bar and start a quest to begin the timer. When the timer completes return to the Quest screen to collect your rewards. Quests refresh every 12 hours and any quests that have not been started will be replaced with new ones.

Events run on a regular basis and offer great prizes for those that compete.
Open the events page to view current and upcoming events. There are 3 personal goals to aim for in every event, each with it's own reward. Earn enough points to reach all 3 goals and recieve all the prizes available. Once all the personal goals have been completed you can now compete with players all over the world for the bonus global prizes. View the global rankings to see where you rank.

Upgrading Buildings
You can upgrade buildings to increase their stats or unlock new items. Select a building a tap the Upgrade button to upgrade buildings.

Spells can be trained at a Spell Pool. In battle, spells can be dropped into the field of battle at ar}y target location, however, once dropped they are used and must be recreated or the next battle.

Join a guild now and earn !

  • Help allies by speeding up their construction times.
  • Earn loyalty points to spend in the Guild Shop.
  • Receive gifts when allies purchase selected gem packs
  • Request troops from your allies.
  • Donate troops to help allies.
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