Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hero of Legends Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Your power will be enhanced by completing
quests, and at the same time you can gather
more partners. However, completing quests will
consume your stamina.

You are not alone! Every time you start to
complete your quest, you can choose a friend or
ask a stranger player to help you.

Heroes should meet the leader points
requirement, your leadership level is crucial for
a team.

There are all together 4 professions in the
game, which can be recognized by the icon
before heroes name or in lower right corner
of a hero card.

These 4 types include:

Warrior: high HP and high DEF; type of
hero for defence.

Assassin: high Speed high dodge rate and
high critical hit rate; type of hero for
damage output .

Mage: low HP(hit Point), low
DEF (Defensive Point) and high damage
output; type of hero for damage output.

Priest: low HP and low DEF; type of hero
for healing.

Heroes of the same profession may have
different combat abilities. Click on heros
head portrait can check out specific combat
abilities. All combat abilities can be
categorized into the following 4 types:
Normal ability: abilities that will take
effect automatically in every round.

Active ability: abilities that can be used
once in several rounds. When an active
ability is cooling down, normal ability willl
take effect automatically.

Passive abilities: abilities that will take
effect only when the hero is under attack.
Leader abilities: abilities that will take
effect only when the hero is leader.

There are two types of position in a
battle-“front row and back row. Heroes in
the front row will take more damage than
the back row, so yous should try to put
warriors in the front row to protect other

Sometimes when you change some
positions of heroes, you can even easily
complete some instance tasks that seem
like difficult.

You can have chances to get different
levels of hero cars in instance battles. The
color of the most powerful card is orange,
then red, purple, blue, green and the
weakest one is white.  Sometimes you
might collect fragments of a rare hero
card, when you collect enough fragments
you can get a rare hero card.

Heroes can be upgrades in upgrading
interface to get more attribute value and
combat abilities. You can sacrifice
unnecessary heroes to add more experience

Everyday different activity instances will
be opened, in which players can get good
items through battle; elite instance is more
different, but meanwhile players can get
better items.

When you reach level-15, you can choose
to fight with a matching player in the
Arena. When you lose a battle for three
times, you have to leave the Arena. The
game will reward you according the the
number of your winning battles, the more
battles you win, the more rewards you
will get. Every day you have 3 free
chances to enter the Arena, or you can
spend gold coins to enter it when you have
used all free chances.

Everyday you will be rewarded with 10
friend points in the first fight assisted by
your friends. The friend points can be
used in a lucky draw for great rewards. In
one day you can get 10 points for most
with one friend, so just ask more friends
to join your battle and get more friend

Daily login will be rewarded. The more
consecutive days of login you will the
greater rewards you will get.

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