Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tsuchinoko Guides Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Cave Manual

How to start digging.
Click to select one at digging tools.
Confirm and click yes and it will start digging.

How to use Bait.
Click Slingshot and click to select a kind of bait.
Confirm and click the OK button.
You can see selected bait. Then do step 1 to start digging.
Use bait and start digging.

How to use sandglass
Click to set the sandglass state if you set this to On, you will receive notification when digging completed.

How to arrest.
Tap or drag to arrest tsuchinokos. You will receive 1tp when you arrest one tsuchinoko.

Cave Cleaning
If you have not visit the cave for a while, it will become dirty and tsuchinoko: will get sick, click broom to clean it.

How to level up cave.
You can click the star when it starts shining to level up the cave.

Land Manual

How to get bounty reward?
Set the number you want to sell.
Click the sell icon.
Click "Yes" to get the bounty reward.

Power Restore
If the power of your barbed wire is lower than 60%, tsuchinokos will have a chance to escape, please click energy to restore the power.

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