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Topps HUDDLE 15 Guide Cheats for Android/iPhone Game


The home screen is the command center of your team. Everything you need to know about your team is managed from this screen.

From here you can update your fan icon, see what day you joined HUDDLE, how many coins you have and what team you support. Click on the “Trade” or “Play” buttons near the top to take you to those screens.

But that’s not all.

Consider the home page to be your very own HUDDLE headquarters. You can see how many trades are still awaiting your decision, and how many other fans you’ve yet to rate. This affects your trader rating, which is what those five stars next to “rating” denotes. Scroll down for more information about that.

You can see how you’re stacking up on our numerous fan leaderboards also. How you rank in PTS amongst your friends, all fans of your favorite team, and all members of HUDDLE Nation is displayed. Swiping to the right allows you to compare how you’re doing this week to last week and also all season long.

Under PTS, you will see Awards. You can view your trophy case full of all the awards you’ve unlocked so far, how many there are in total, and how close you are to them. Clicking on an available award will also allow you to view what you need to acquire to unlock it.

The value of your cards is summed up into your Collection Score, which rates your collection against all other fans in HUDDLE. You can see how many total cards you have, what percentage of cards available, and how many Super Rare cards you’ve gotten so far.

On the bottom of the page, you’ll find the social aspect of HUDDLE, where you can find other fans either by searching by fan name or using your Facebook page. You can also invite friends from your contacts or through Facebook.


PLAY is where your managerial skills will be put to the test. Select your eleven best to earn the most points. Fill your depth chart, take a chance on a young player, and cheer on your starting cards as they grind it out on the field. Cards can be played during games in real-time and earn PTS. The more cards you have the more options you will have within your starting eleven to increase your chance of earning big PTS.

When you tap PLAY, all your play cards will be displayed. To make someone active, tap and hold the specific player, then drag him into your card rotation. This can also be done by double-clicking the player. When the border of the empty card box is yellow, drop that player in. You will have to wait for a variable amount of time for the card to “warm up” before it starts earning PTS. So when you are deciding who to PLAY, be sure to think ahead.

You can change your player AT ANY TIME. However, you have a limited number of substitutions so you’ll have to choose wisely to maximize your PTS. When you run out of substitutions, you will not be able to swap any cards until enough time has passed that another PLAY regenerates.

Once you’ve finished, click TRIANGLE play icon in the top left corner of the screen to return to your fan homepage.


First off, why earn points, or PTS? In addition to collecting and trading cards to complete sets, HUDDLE allows you to “play” your cards. If you play a card, and the player on the card performs well on the field, you will earn PTS. Earning PTS gives you bragging rights, it allows you to move up on the Leaderboard, it helps propel your team upwards on the Team Leaderboard, and occasionally, earning PTS unlocks big reward payouts, like Awards and even Coins!

Player cards will earn points based on the scoring system in HUDDLE. Scoring will only be applied to official league game.

Scoring Stats:
Attempts: +3
Completion: +5
Passing Yards: +2
Passing Touchdowns: +125
Interceptions: -50

Receptions: +8
Receiving Yards: 10
Receiving Touchdowns: +200

Carry: +5
Rushing Yards: +6
Rushing Touchdowns: +200

Special Teams:
Punt Return Yards: +1
Punt Return Touchdowns: +500
Kickoff Return Yards: +1
Kickoff Return Touchdowns: +500
Punt yards: +1
Punt (in 20 yards of Goaline): +50
Punt Blocked: -100
Punt Touchback: -50
Special Team Tackle: +100

Extra Point Made: +50
Extra Point Missed: -100
Extra Point Blocked: -50
Field Goal Made: +100
Field Goal Missed: -50
Field Goal Blocked: -50

Solo Tacle: +100
Assisted Tackle: +50
Defensive Interception: +200
Defensive Touchdown: +300
Sack: +100

Forced Fumble: +100
Fumble Recovery: +100
Fumble Recovery for a touchdown: +300
Fumbling the Ball: -100


You can make trades via the TRADES section and trade up to 9 cards in a single transaction. Trades are the life’s blood of HUDDLE. Offering trades for your favorite players to other fans is the fun and free way to build up your card collection. All trades in HUDDLE are with REAL people inside HUDDLE.

Robots don’t play football, and they don’t trade cards either! Engage, chat, and trade with your friends or football foes, not with bots or simulators, using Trade Talk and Trades. Trades are where a fan makes their reputation. Make fair, good and helpful trades to other fans and you’ll have no trouble managing your team. HUDDLE fans should come into HUDDLE every day to find out if they have new trade offers or to make new trades.

For every trade either accepted or declined, you’ll be able to rate your fellow fan. These ratings will accumulate into your TRADER RATING, which will be displayed on your homepage, in any future trades and whenever you comment on an article.

You must be signed in and have a verified account to engage in trading in HUDDLE.


There are multiple ways to access the TRADE screen in HUDDLE. To view outstanding offers, you’ll see TRADES in the middle of your home page. It’s sorted by “Pending” and “To Rate.” “Pending” is the amount of trades that are waiting your decision. “To rate” are completed offers, either accepted or declined, that require a decision that will affect your fellow fan’s TRADER RATING.

You can view another fan’s cards and choose any of their cards you would like to try to make a deal for by viewing them on their fan home page. The first step is to choose the player cards you want to GET. You can create a trade for any available player card in HUDDLE.

You can select up to nine cards in the GET screen. Use the sort button to narrow down the player view so you can easily find your target player. The next step is to select the player you are willing to GIVE up in the trade. The player list displayed will be all the cards you already own.

You can select up to nine players to move along to another team. You may edit either side of your trade by tapping GIVE or GET and adding or removing players from your proposed deal.

Once you’ve got your partners lined up you have the option of adding a comment to your trade before sending This is your chance to make your case for why a fan should accept your trade.

You may also initiate the trade screen from any player card profile view by tapping trade on the back of their card. TRADE TALK Trade Talk is where fans post the player cards they are looking for in a trade. Think of it like as a bazaar where everyone gathers to talk about what they have to sell or to just browse and see what is for sale. You can initiate a TRADE from the trade talk by tapping the fan profile image in their trade talk post and selecting OFFER TRADE.

After tapping OFFER TRADE you will be will be in the TRADE screen where you can select the player you would like to trade for from another fan profile.

Remember to keep trade talk clean and abide by our community policy. Before your first post you must read and accept our community policy. Failure to comply with our rules inside HUDDLE will result in time out or lead to indefinite suspensions.


My Trades is where you can view all the trades you have offered to other fans and any trade offers that have been made to you. The MY TRADES section is designed to easily scroll through with your finger. If you would like to act on a trade in your MY TRADES view, tap on the trade and accept, decline or counter the trade.

Countering the trade allows you to create a new trade with the existing players still listed and gives you the opportunity to edit the trade more to your liking. Remember, every trade is a negotiation and its best to leave comments even when you are declining a trade. The more you participate and the better a trader you are, the more likely you are to have successful trades.

Accepted trades will add players to your collection immediately.

The MY TRADES view has lots of important information displayed about an individual trade.

GET - Listed are the players your team will receive in the trade. There may be up to three players offered.

NEED IT - If a player in a trade has a small yellow “NEED IT” flag on the player card image, that means that you do not own that card in the trade.

GIVE - Listed are the players your team will send to another team in the trade. There may be up to three players offered.


Trades may be in several states:

ACCEPTED – trades that have been accepted.

PENDING – when a trade is pending a timer displaying how long that trade is available will be displayed. All trades are PENDING for 24 hours.

DECLINED – the trade offer has been either declined by you or the fan the trade was offered to.

VOIDED – trades are voided when the player cards in that trade have been accepted in a separate trade. For instance, if you send out 5 trades trading Calvin Johnson for A.J. Green and one fan accepts it, the four remaining trades will be voided.

OFFERED BY – Fan names with a yellow flag indicate that a trade was offered to you.

SORT - There are several sort options for trades to help fans see what trades are new, what trades are pending and trades from just friends. You can also sort by newest or last modified offers.


Every day is different. Get a fresh perspective on what’s going on both on the field and around HUDDLE. Chase, collect, and rule the trading market with special, limited-edition cards. Unlock awards and unlock bragging rights. But don’t forget game day. Set your lineups, take chances on young players, and cheer on your starting eleven HUDDLE cards as they do battle on the pitch.

From recaps of and scoring big points to others being relegated to the bench, the NEWS is your source for player tips, game updates, and team and information. The news is also your home for finding out what is going on in HUDDLE. You’ll need to know when your favorite player is going to be available in packs or what awards are set to be chased down. Everyday you should log in to find out if a new contest, player or award has been added to HUDDLE.

The NEWS is set up in reverse chronological order like your favorite sport blogs with the most recent news right up at the top.

If a new item is really important, we will pin it to the top of the news feed. Pinned stories are MUST-reads for any fan playing HUDDLE. Throughout the day several news stories will be pinned to the top of the news and you should check back for the latest goings on in HUDDLE.

To get the full scoop on a news item tap anywhere on the article photo for the full story view. From the full story view you can share your thoughts on the news item and with other fans in HUDDLE. Please keep it cordial and follow our community guidelines for making posts or you will receive a time out. Three time outs will result in an indefinite suspension. When commenting you can click "Read the Rules" to review the community policy.

There is also a TIPS button on the top left of the black navigation bar. In tips you get all the inside information and explanations on how HUDDLE works as we progress through the season.


Unlock awards, earn coins, and get bragging rights. Awards are digital badges that are difficult to unlock, but important to your overall standing in the HUDDLE community. Collecting complete team sets, finding super-rare limited-edition cards, and owning cards whose players do amazing things on the pitch earn awards.

Some Awards are persistent and can always be unlocked. But be on the lookout, some Awards are only available for the limited time.

Awards are unlocked and earned in numerous ways. The most common way to unlock Awards is to complete a team set. For instance, the Arsenal Award is unlocked only if you collect and own all Arsenal cards currently available in HUDDLE. There are a ton of Awards to chase for all sorts of fans, avid collectors and PTS chasers alike.

Other Awards require you to collect and own special super-rare cards at the right time. To learn more about how to earn a specific Award, go to HOME, tap AWARDS, and tap any AWARD on the sheet.

Awards allow you show off your HUDDLE skills. Become the first fan of your team to unlock all currently available Awards. Share it and brag about it on Facebook and Twitter. And generally demonstrate to the world your unique knowledge of the sport and your trading savvy.

Some Awards also earn you coins. The more coins you earn, the more packs you can rip open, and the more cards you can collect, play, and trade.


The fans section is where all HUDDLE players come to see their name in lights on league table. The fans section displays tables for scoring for This Week, Last Week and the Entire Season. You will also be able to scroll through four different table types:

Fans of your favorite team
Everyone playing HUDDLE
By team

The Friends leaderboard starts with just one fan on it… you! As you meet friends and trading partners in HUDDLE, you can add them to your friends table by tapping the PLUS button in the top right on the navigation. You can add new friends by searching for the fan name, or inviting your old friends not yet on HUDDLE via Facebook or your contact list.

You can also add any fan to your friend table by tapping their name and selecting ADD FRIEND. The League tables will update daily with team PTS and the weekly tables will update every Tuesday at 10 AM ET.

The team fan table is a made up of all the fans of a particular club. If you are a Kansas City fan, we display the top 100 HUDDLE scorers who cheer for Kansas City, plus your score.

The by-club table is the average score of the top 100 fans from each club. We then rank all clubs by their average PTS total. It’s the best way to get an idea of which team have the best fans!


Coins are the primary currency in HUDDLE. Coins can be earned as well as purchased. Coins can then be used to purchase card packets to acquire new cards.

Coins to your account in a few ways. First, you can earn Coins with HUDDLE activity.

Here are some ways to earn Coins:
-Open the app and login each day for a daily bonus
-Many, many more activities to earn Coins each day!

The most common and effective way to earn Coins is to visit the app each day. Each day you will earn a Daily Login Bonus of 1,000 Coins. If you login seven consecutive days, you’ll earn 1,000 Coins for each day AND you’ll earn an additional 9,000 Coins on the seventh day!

Second, you can earn Coins using TapJoy offers. Simply visit STORE, tap GET COINS, scroll to the bottom, and tap GET FREE COINS NOW!

Finally, you can purchase Coins. To purchase Coins, visit HOME, tap STORE, and tap GET COINS. There are often special offers on Coins, including discounts and extra coins per HUDDLE, so check back daily. You must have an Apple App Store account to purchase coins packs via the Apple App Store. Additionally, you must have a Google Play Store account to purchase coins packs via the Google Play Store.

Coins packs come in the following denominations:COINSPRICE1,000$0.9920,000$9.99100,000$34.99250,000$49.99
Be on the look out for store deals with larger coin bundle denominations.


Cards and coin packs are available via the STORE in HUDDLE. Card packs are available in various pack denominations for base cards.

Packs are purchased using coins. Spending time in HUDDLE, committing certain actions or participating in contests will help a fan earn coins. Coins may also be purchased via Apple’s App Store. In-app purchases are handled via Apple’s App Store. Fans will need Apple app store ID’s to make a purchase. Here are some tips for buying cards.

Know Your Series
Each pack of cards draws from a particular pool of player cards. These cards are released in series, like Series 1, Series 2, etc. Each pack will list which series of cards that it draws from.

Know Your NFS
Certain cards are “NFS,” or Not For Sale. This means the cards have yet to be released, or have already been released, put on sale, and their limited-edition run is now over. This means that NFS can only be obtained by waiting for it to be put on sale (for cards yet to be released) or through trading (for cards already released and sold out). You will not be able to obtain NFS cards from card packs in the STORE. This also applies for cards that are listed as LIMITED.

You may see cards that are listed as COMING SOON as well. That may be a sneak peek we’re giving you at something we’re planning on releasing shortly, or something that was previously in packs or used as an award that will return at a later date.

Know Your Inserts
Certain card packs come with special insert cards. These can be super-rare cards released in the Series. Most packs will list the special inserts that are included in the packs.

Know Your Odds
Certain packs might be more expensive than others. Usually, these packs are more expensive because they contain more cards, or odds for special inserts are better, or both. For example, a pack containing 3 cards will be more expensive than a pack containing 1 card. Additionally, a pack where a special insert card has a 1 in 10 chance of pulling it will typically be more expensive than a pack with a 1 in 100 chance of pulling that same insert card.

Know The Boards
Read up on TRADE TALK or in the article comments to understand what other users are pulling. Some packs might feel luckier than others.

Cards in HUDDLE are primarily used to earn PTS and help you climb the leader boards. Cards are also part of different collections of cards that help you earn awards. Awards allow a fan to earn coins and add items to their awards case.


The player profile tells fans everything they need to know about that player in HUDDLE. You’ll notice some cards score differently than others. Each player has five base cards, each with a different color frame. The five levels represent a different multiplier. Base cards with a white frame do not have any added scoring to them.

Green = 1.2x scoring
Red = 1.5x scoring
Silver = 1.7x scoring
Gold = 2.0x scoring

Listed on a player profile is:
Current Team
Kit number
Rarity - Rarity lets a fan know how rare or special a player card is in HUDDLE. The more rare a card is the more valuable it is for a trade.

There are five rarity levels in HUDDLE:
Super Rare - most difficult to pull in card packets.
Scarce - second most difficult to pull in cards packs but easier than Super Rare.
Rare – third most difficult to pull in card parks but easier than Super Rare or Scarce
Uncommon - second easiest to pull in card packs but harder than common.
Common - easiest and most common cards to pull in card packs.

Card number – each card in HUDDLE will have unique card number.

Player performance and games chart - Players recent form and team games will be displayed via the player form chart. Fans can scroll their finger across the chart to view a player’s recent performances and PTS scored.

Avg match PTS - How many PTS a player scores per game this season, and how that ranks amongst all other players.

Season PTS - How many PTS a player has accumulated this season, and how that ranks amongst all other players.

Heat Index - Heat index is a performance-based player rating system based on a players in-app scoring.

How it works: A heat index algorithm is run on each player. It is based on the last 3 games that their team played. The points that the player earned in the most recent game is weighted 50%, the middle game, 30%, and the oldest game, 20%. This weighted average of daily points earned is their heat index number.

The heat index number is then translated into one of the four heat index categories:
HOT - players who are in recent great form and earning lots of points.
WARM - players who are in recent good form and earning a steady amount of points
COOL - players who are in recent decent form and earning some points
COLD - players who are in recent poor form and earning little to no points.


Why does a “week” matter? A week is the primary unit of time for measuring progress on the Leaderboard and determining the PTS Chase. You can find the Leaderboard by tapping the FANS button on the toolbar.

When you view the Leaderboards you’ll notice there are actually four of them – one for your FRIENDS, one for fans of your favorite team, one for EVERYONE, and one that average all fans BY team. More on this in a separate article..

Each leaderboard can be filtered by THIS WEEK, LAST WEEK, or ALL SEASON. You can earn PTS from any official league game, but once a week we stop the week, tabulate PTS, and start the next week.

This happens EVERY TUESDAY at 7:00 AM ET. Be sure to check each Tuesday morning to see who “won the week.” Oh, and why is “winning the week” important? Not only does winning the week give you status, notoriety, rings and bragging rights by putting your name up in lights, but it also occasionally pays out with super-rare awards and big coin payouts.

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