Sunday, September 14, 2014

Magic School Lussid Guide Cheats - Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Combining  the cards of identical servants to maximize their capabilities is called fusion.
Fusion increases the maximum growth level of servants. The EXP of each servant is preserved.
But every servant has the MAX Fusion numbers.

Skill level up.
Skill is very helpful in the battle but you can upgrade skills of servants.
To upgrade the skill, you need the upgrade material and some golds.
The skill upgrade materials can be made at the atelier.
Do you want to make your servants have more powerful skills?
You need the materials and some gold for the skill level up.
First, pick up a servant. Check the required materials here.
The materials are different for each servant.
You can make the materials in the atelier.

Cancel the Contract/Selling Servants.
Although it may break your heart, you can only keep a limited number of servants.
You can send the servant through the crack of time and cancel the contract.
If you cancel the deal, you will receive a certain amount of gold.

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