Monday, September 15, 2014

Stealth iPhone Android Guide, Cheats and Strategy Tips

The forest is full of guards you can see them and their field of view, on the magical map on the top left. This map acts like a radar.
You will need to use all your abilities to achieve your mission: You can move by putting your thumb on the screen and use it as a joystick.
The action button, at the right bottom, is contextual, meaning it will change depending on the action. By default, this button lets you fight.

Guards will hear you if you run. You can walk silently by double tapping on the screen.
An Icon next to your lifebar lets you know you are walking silently.
Double tapping again on the screen will make you run again.

We must not be seen by guards. You can hide yourself behind almost every object. Just approach an object and touch the action button. Wait for the guard for the right timing and approach him silently and kill him with the action button.
The number of guards in an area is represented by the silhouette under the radar.
When you kill all of them, you get the "stealth assassin rank"

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