Monday, September 15, 2014

Elder Towers Guide Cheats - Tower Strategy Tips for Android iPhone Game

Mage Tower enables advanced spellcraft and summoning magic. It sets you apart from common spellslingers can who only cast one or two cantrip spells.
The towers are powerful. But they can only be used for defense. Normally.
Still, it's only a Hulk-class tower. It can't compare to the Titan-Class and Colossus-class used for national defense.

Your tower can only support up to 6 summoned units. And being a mobile tower, every time it moves you need to re-link its mana connection to the land.
That means you will always start with an empty mana pool, with zero mana.
You create mana circle by breaking down a prepared spell into its basic pattern, and imprinting it onto the ground.
You can convert a fire spell into a fire mana circle. Water spell into water circle and so on.
The spell will be gone as if you casted it. It will be replaced with another spell from your deck.
Each circle draws mana from 10 meters radius You cannot place them too close together.
Nor can you place them too far apart. They need to be close enough to form a single mana pool.

Bodyguard units follow and guard you, attacker units seek out and attack your enemies.
While boosted by a mana circle, all your mana generation will be converted to that circle's, element.
You also recharge spells of that element faster than usual.
If you want the best efficiency, you should stick with a single element.
But if you want to use different elements together, this is how you collect mana for spells and summons with high mana cost.
Once you activated the summon boost, the next unit you summon will be strengthened by 10%.
Summon Boost does not cost any extra mana. You just need to wait for its cooldown to use it again.

When spell boost is activated, the next spell you cast will be strengthened by 40%. It does not cost any extra mana.
Remember: mages lose their power when their tower is destroyed. To defeat a mage, either destroy him or destroy his tower.
That goes true for you too,so guard your tower well.

Your summon deck consists of up to 6 units.
Units are typically hired to serve you for just one battle.
Once you pick a unit for a battle, it'll be released from your employment after the battle, whether or not you actually summoned them.
You can have up to 50 spells in your deck. Unlike hired summons, spells stay in your library forever.
Each copy of a spell can only be casted once in a battle. You can use up to 4 copies of the same spell.

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